Hitachi Cordless Drill or Impact Driver

**Item: **Hitachi Cordless Drill or Impact Driver
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Check out these comments from when these were offered about a month ago

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

Great reviews on the drill (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

obligatory, these drills are awesome post…

Used them to construct one of those giant hoop barns last month. Infinitely better than the junk Craftsman that my father-in-law tried to use, both in battery life and abilities.

I used to love my old black and yellow Dewalsomething.

I didn’t know any better until I borrowed my friends Hitachi. (That’s what she said)

I bought the 18v version of this drill and it’s the best drill I’ve ever owned.

There’s a reason MacBook Pros and Teslas all use Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries. They’re awesome: Advantages & Limitations of the Lithium-ion Battery -

What’s going on? The product picture on your front page shows 2 drills ( regular and close quarters). The picture inside show another product…a lite and a drill. What exactly are we buying?

The drill comes with a flashlight. If you scroll through the pictures you’ll find the impact driver, which does not come with a flashlight.

I’m not quite sure, even with your descriptions, where you’re looking. Could you be a little more specific so I can make sure we have the correct photography? Thanks for posting!

I believe it’s confusing because one must scroll to the bottom of page two before finding pictures of the impact driver.

Let’s watch the impact driver in action [youtube=EXdJS_0nsHQ][/youtube]

Ah, gotcha. If that’s the case, then the pics are correct.

I bought a Hitachi 18V drill/driver and after about a year of limited use one of its batteries stopped charging, the other is working well after a couple years now. It’s the HXP line, so I thought this info might be useful. There is not a single place within 100 miles that will honor the warranty on the battery. What good is a warranty if noone will honor it. Hitachi customer service refused to work with me on the issue because they stated that the list of dealers in my area were my only options and that in the event that they wouldn’t honor the warranty (which was the whole point in me contacting the customer service to begin with) I would be held responsible in not making any of the listed places Honor the Mfr warranty. Really? I don’t work for them, and infact I paid them to tell me to handle my own warranty issues. It’s still better than my Crafts…, yet far behind my Dewa… and Milwau… Buyers beware of the warranty if you find yourself needing to use it!

What is the possibility of using a 20v battery with this drill. It comes with a 14.4v. If I get this and more hitachi tools in the future, what’s the possibility of using the batteries interchangeably?

I’m starting a major addition and while my neighbor has a lot of tools, I’d prefer to break my own.

Impact driver or drill…What’s the difference? I’m leaning toward the drill, but would like to know if there is an advantage to the impact driver. Any help would be appreciated.

Perhaps I’m being overly critical, but $20 below Amazon’s price doesn’t strike me as the best bargain.

Without having more information as to why they would not honor the warranty, I am hesitant to take this review with more than a grain of salt. Every company has its warranty horror stories.

Considering Hitachi’s generous warranty compared to other brands, I think they are worth a risk which is why I purchased the 12v drill and I have been very happy with it. Lowes is one company that will honor the warranty on hitachi brand tools since they sell them.

I own the complete set of the Hitachi 10.8v tools, of which the angle driver shown here is one. Let me first and foremost say that you should not shy away from the angle driver solely because it is “only” 10.8 volts.

The 10.8v Hitachi Li-Ion system is great. The batteries are rated at over 1500 recharge cycles and the tools provide fade-free performance during the entire cycle. In truth, the only way you can tell that one of these batteries needs a recharge is that it will suddenly stop working. Right up to that point you will get virtually the same performance from it that you got when the battery was fresh out of the charger. Just that fact alone for me sinks any possibility of using a cordless tool with a Ni-Cad battery ever again.

The entire 10.8v line-up is sized very well. The tools are small enough to get into tight places, light enough to use over your head for extended periods, yet have excellent power. In fact, the 10.8 impact driver I own (standard style, not the angle driver offered here) inserted over 100 2-1/2" deck screws on one charge which blew me away for such a lightweight driver.

The angle driver offered here does take a little bit of getting used to. It provides the impact vibration but doesn’t have the massive torque of the standard style impact driver. However, it does have more torque than a standard flat-head or Phillips-head screw can handle. If you need it to drive a long fastener then I heartily recommend either a square-head or star-head. You will strip fewer screw heads that way.

Just my two cents, but I would not buy both of these tools offered here together simply because the batteries are NOT interchangeable. But that’s just me…

However, if you decide to go with any of the Hitachi cordless tools, you can flesh out your collection at Big Sky Tools online. They sell Class C refurbs, Class A refurbs and New Hitachi tools (and some others) and have been known to have some awesome sales if you have the patience. E.G. - Big Sky now has the 10.8v drill and impact driver combo kit (two tools, both Class A refurb) for $89.99, which includes two batteries, charger and bag. This is the set that started my collection. Here is the link:

They are also a good place to get more batteries and accessories, and for those who voice concern about Hitachi’s warranty service, Big Sky has been great to me.

Cheers - Jon651

Agreed. Throw in the $5 Woot shipping cost, and you’re looking at only a $15 discount…