Hitachi Drill Bundle

Oh yeah…If only I had money to blow. I’ve got a Hitachi Li-Ion drill driver and a corded sander/polisher. Top notch stuff.

It’s got a Li-ion battery! Buy it!

My dentist wants $3900 to fix two cavities. (SERIOUSLY!)

I don’t suppose one of these drills and a mirror would enable me…nah… :frowning:

As always, Added both manuals to my google docs for easy viewing.

Hitachi WH10DCL Manual

Hitachi DB10DL Manual

Hope this helps.

Warning: These are not made by Hitachi, I believe the name of the company is All Tool but I’m not positive. Many years ago I bought one with a free battery and never got my battery. Called Hitachi and they said “These are made by All Tool, not by us, we just let them put our name on them”. When I called All Tool they said the free battery promotion was done under duress from Wal-Mart and that they wouldn’t be giving out the free batteries because they would be losing money. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor stated that their shipment of batteries was hijacked by pirates.

Many years later they recalled the particular drill for… drum roll please… EXPLODING BATTERIES (seems as though these pirates hijacked the right shipment).

(this was on a different drill but still… i will never buy anything with the Hitachi name… just to be safe :D)

neohemp - lay off the hemp !

I’m thinking this isn’t going to be a quality post winner. I’m sure things have changed over the decades at Hitachi.

@neohemp: Damn, that’s like your vault getting a case of water chips instead of a GECK.

The batteries are $56 each, so getting two of these is already a great deal. If you wanna screw stuff together, get this now (the impact driver is especially fun… you’ll feel like a NASCAR pit crewman!)

That said, if you feel like you’ll need something a little more capable, Big Sky has a comparable bundle going right now with the 18V versions: for $30 more you get an impact driver, a full sized drill (not this weird compact thing), and two 18V li-ion batteries. Worth noting these also have the proper chuck design that will let you use all your common bits, not the weird 1/4" “quick change” style.

Yes, they’re reconditioned, but these guys are one of the big Hitachi-certified reconditioners. They will be good-as-new.

I have a few Hitachi power tools that I’ve had for close to 10 years. They’ve been great for standard household projects. I’ve used them extensively in three separate moves. They can handle small scale construction projects with ease. My most notable project was a dog house… about three hours of steady use between saws, drills, and impact drivers on two batteries with juice to spare!

This drill wouldn’t be my first choice for any large scale construction project, but if you’re in the market for something handy and reliable it’s a great option! Happy wooting!

Would love to buy one…but stupid woot can’t figure out how to ship stuff to Alaska… ever hear of the u.s. postal service…flat rate boxes

Yeah, sorry about that. At this time, is the only woot retail site that ships outside the 48 contiguous states. :frowning:

I’m talking like, 3 or 4 years ago. Not decades lol. However, they’re still not made by Hitachi, so how are things changing at Hitachi going to make a difference? :slight_smile:

And why does a decade suddenly make a company better? lol

Back 10-12 years ago while still working and having to keep up with this stuff Hitachi made the best cordless tools according to consumer reports or any one else you checked with. Of course you had to pay for that quality to. But as of right now someone else will have to do the research.

Calling either one a drill is misleading. Neither of these drivers has a 3 jaw chuck to hold standard drill bits. You have to buy expensive drill bits with a 1/4" shank. Alternately, you could buy a chuck with a 1/4" shank, but that adds 2 inches and several ounces to the driver.
That said it seems like a good deal for light duty screwdriving.
P.S.Don’t get battery powered tools unless you use them enough to keep the batteries charged.

Your story is bizarre.

These are made by Hitachi Koki Ltd. Whether they are a wholly owned sudsidiary of Hitachi is irrelevant. Lots of famous companies license their name to other companies to make products with varying degrees of control. The reputation of Hitachi isn’t what matters. The reputation of the product line does matter.

I still have a 18v NiCad drill/flashlight set I bought over 8 years ago. It finally got down to the last (and free) battery so I found a Lowes’ deal a holiday or 2 ago and bought another drill/light set with Li-Ion batts. IMO, their stuff is good enough for heavy duty home use.

ABSOLUTE JUNK! Bought the drill last time it was up, came with 2 batteries. neither one will hold a charge for more than 5 minutes and Hitachi REFUSED to honor warranty. Still have not even gotten ONE hole drilled.

I currently own a Hitachi cordless drill, and, sadly, I wish I didn’t. Granted, it does use a Ni-Cd battery, but the performance of both batteries was severely degraded after only a few months. The batteries are only good for about 20 minutes of use on basic house maintenance, like drilling a few holes in drywall. If you need to drill into a material with any type of resistance, forget about it. If the battery is not in the charger, it will lose its charged after simply sitting for several hours. If this was one battery, I’d be willing to admit the possibility of a fluke. As this happened to two batteries, I’m calling this a quality issue. Based on this experience, I will never touch another Hitachi power tool.

Can you clarify the difference between the reputation of Hitachi and the reputation of the product line? If Hitachi is allowing others to use their name, how can we trust a product without relying on the reputation of a company to select quality manufacturers? Yes, this is common practice, Once a company licenses out their name, the company reputation is also being licensed and risked. It is up to Hitachi to select quality manufacturers. From a marketing and consumer standpoint they are the same.