Hitachi Drill/Driver + Rotary Tool Kit

**Item: **Hitachi Drill/Driver + Rotary Tool Kit
Price: $124.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Condition: New

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6/6/2013 - $139.99 - 26 comment(s)

Tons of outstanding reviews for The Drill

These drills are AWESOME… I’ve got 2, my dad has 2, and I’m pretty sure my brother has 2.

If both of mine give out before these sell out, I’d buy another. Without a doubt.

These drills have seen a LOT of deck boards and metal panels!


lets watch a nice overview on the drill [youtube=uR0U_J9kdvM][/youtube]

Does anyone know is the rotary tool has a flexible shaft extension available like this one for dremel:

i mean available, not included obviously.

On it’s own, the drill is around $66, and the rotary tool (without the accessory kit) is $79 on Amazon, and at Lowes, the combo is $167.29.

This does NOT ship to APO/AE. It says eligible for all 50 states and I ordered it last time it was up. I received the accessory kit only. No drill or rotary, but at least I can accessorize!
Woot customer service said they would refund me. Which reminds me, I need to check on that…

Rotary Tools are Fantastic!

I can not imagine not having one in my home/shop. Granted, some people just should not put any tools in their hands but, if one owns as much as a hammer some screwdrivers and wrenches and even an electric drill, then they certainly would do well to buy a rotary tool. The uses and therefore needs of the tool (if you take the time to get to know your tool) seem endless. For those not really familiar with these tools and their capabilities, here is a good on- line page of information.

Probably the biggest fault with may rotary tool owners is they never research and find out just how much the tool can be used and just how many different uses are available. So, the tool gets underused. Searching YouTube “rotary tool” you can find much info on many uses along with some instructions.

If you already own an electric drill you may want to go find a rotary tool kit but, if you do not own an electric drill or if the one you own is about to burn out this combination kit at, $124.99 is a great deal and quite a bit less than if you went out and purchased all of this individually.

If I did not already own similar tools I would be all over this deal. Last thought, this would make a great gift for someone that does not have these tools already in the home.

I have only the Hitachi Drill/Driver, and it is a very good light/medium duty drill. Highly recommended.

I got the same set last time it was on woot. The rotary tool does not taker Drexel chucks, so I am not sure if it can take the flex shaft or not. I am yet to try that out.

Does this set come with one battery or two?

I’m sorry for that. I’m emailing to see if we need to update the sale to state that.

why doesn’t it ship to an APO/FPO? Please don’t say because of the restriction of Lithium Ion batteries, because that’s no longer in place.

We have no restrictions for APO/FPO set on the sale. We’re not sure why he didn’t get his order.

Two batteries.