Hitachi Drill/Driver + Rotary Tool Kit

Huh, oddly enough these also feature polarization (positive and negative).

I have this drill, its really a great tool. The batteries stay charged for months and its got a lot of torque for its size

Whoopsiedaisy! We had it priced a bit too high. Now that seems like a better price.

Don’t worry; we’ll take care of anyone who bought it at the higher price.

I bought a Hitachi Drill awhile back on Woot and the battery was terrible. Even the additional battery they supplied didn’t last very long.

Mine has lasted since my woot purchase. Holds a good charge, too. I think the batteries have a two year warranty. Why not rma them?

you may not have gotten li-ion batteries like the ones in this set? I know hitachi offers two flavors of battery. Mine charges in literally minutes and go for hours…

i don’t know if you did at the time, but you may want to contact the manufacturer or email and let them know.

sorry for the trouble.

Between my dad, brother, and myself I know of 6 sets of these and we haven’t had the first problem with the oldest set (almost 4 years). The impact driver in this line is the best thing since sliced bread.

I would have a hard time not recommending these to anyone that said they needed a drill.

Does anyone have a personal review of the rotary tool?