Hitachi Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive

wow 4 TErabytes. that can hold alot of 360 “backups”

WOW thats a low price !!!

i remember when 4 gigabytes was a lot…

FYI: This unit has been severely criticized by some users.

I really have liked the 1TB external I have (looks like this, not the other deal linked) except it seems to run very, very hot. (that said, it’s been running fine for over a year) Does this model have a fan? It sort of looks like it from the picture from the back, but that’s hardly 100%

Also, most external drives’ warranties end if you open the case… since this is 2 drives, how do you recover it if one drive fails (and you’re using mirroring)? Do you recover the data off the surviving drive and send it back, or do they provide a mechanism to just swap out the dead HD?

looks like it has the woot! exclamation point

This sucks - I just purchased a 2tb raid 0/1 WD today!

I’m not sure the drive will last long enough to fill it up.

If you don’t need the firewire, grab the same SimpleTech Duo Pro enclosure from eBay (c. $25 shipped) and a couple 2TB drives from Newegg for less (2x $99 2TB WD Drives).

Very Small Froogle

I’ve got the 1TB version of this, which I paid roughly $170 for. With eSata, and utilizing a connector that goes straight to the SATA ports on the motherboard (as opposed to a PCI/PCI-e card), I get performance that is very close to my main hard drive inside my system! I can even boot to this external drive with no problem at all.

I do wonder, though, since this is obviously two drives (as my unit it literally half that width), if it can be configured in a variety of RAID configurations? If it could be done in a setup where both drives contain the same information, that would still give you 2TB of virtually failproof information, would be excellent for a variety of uses.

wa wa wa we wa wa. Man this is great success. Will windows XP even address that much memory? Do you need 64 bit OS?

Product Website - where’s the 4TB?

I wish I had waited for this instead of setting up a smaller RAID 0 earlier this week.

Just to clarify with anyone unfamiliar, RAID 1 would limit (relatively speaking, I suppose) your effective space to 2 TB as the second HD would be acting as a copy of the first. RAID 0 would “stripe” your data so it would look like one drive of 4 TB and not two.

I remember going to a computer flea market of sorts at a Scottish Rite Temple.

There was a guy by the door who had a table set up. He had about 20 used hard disks on the table, that’s all he was selling.

I asked him what and how much they were.

He proudly said of his wares “These are 10 MB hard drives, only $40 each!” (Yes, I said megabyte. LOL.)

I did not buy one.

You are joking, right? This is disk, not RAM…

Would this be able to work as a NAS?

Hey, Woot, is this really a US model or is this sort of grey market? The AC adapter shown in the picture with is consistent with a “universal” package with the 2 pronged AC Adapter going into the various plug adapters, and it’s not listed on the US site.

Will Hitachi really warranty these drives? Have you tried checking their status on the Hitachi warranty/RMA page?

(This is a serious question)

Whoa. I totally also just realized it includes UK and Australia compatible wall plugs. How awesome.