Hitachi Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive

They told everyone in the 80’s when we were in Middle school - everything was going to be metric soon - learn it or fail.

where were you?

I wonder why we get all excited about this Big Box, when I am looking at this teeny tiny Micro SD Card that will probably be saying ‘TB’ instead of ‘MB’ one day soon!
But, I still expect to have All Things Beamed Directly Into My Brain before I die! Then I Really CAN Take It With Me!!
Now That’s Entertainment!

OMG I remember that! Like a bad dream! For me it was about the late seventies. There was some ‘deadline’ that the USA was supposed to switch over or something? Lots of fuss, never happened, never heard of it again. Stupid public schools…

Oh, but those were The Good Old Days! Now the kids get This Propaganda…- YouTube
and…This Illiterate Garbage…
Unless We Stop It!!


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Quailmann7 wrote:
i remember when 4 gigabytes was a lot…

I remember a guy at the local computer supply store selling me ram and telling me I’d NEVER need more than 4 megabytes of ram. Guess we’re all getting old.

The bit-size of the OS should have no direct impact on the LBA type used.

Prior to LBA48 the LBA size was actually 28bits, leading to 137Gb HD size limits. You need LBA48 support to handle any disk over 137Gb (TiVo hackers will remember that one!). There was no 32bit LBA. So it’s very very likely you’re already using LBA48 drives.

This is a more valid concern. You may even need to use GPT partitioning on such a large disk - if you have an OS that understands GPT, and a motherboard that can boot from it!

In most RAID configs, you remove the bad drive and insert a new drive…the controller then knows you’ve inserted a new drive and loads the mirrored data on the new drive. Raid 1 being mirroring

I won’t tell you how much my first 20 Meg hard drive cost me (back in 1986). VEry nice lap tops cost less today.

Maybe this supports ready boost technology?

There isn’t a 4TB drive yet, so it’s two 2TB drives, but Hitachi will have one for sale early next year.

Two important questions:

  1. How good are Hitachi drives compared to WD or Seagate?

  2. This deal equates out to about $65 per TB of space. I understand this is set up as a Raid but how good of a price is that per TB? I paid less than that last year on a WD.

Sounds like a nice deal, however my experiences tells me to be SAFE. Meaning. I had hard drives, and external hard drives which, eventually, all POP’ed so to speak, they simply crashed. My suggestion, is to have your external drives, however PLEASE save your personal information, from pics, docu data, music, vids, or what ever onto disks also. Make a master disk of everything, and then two back-up’s of master disk if u for example are using the 4.O GB disks. I am suggesting 2 backup of a master for the 4GB Disks crash also. My suggestion for Blu-ray disk do 1 master, and 3 backup’s, for if one disk crashes then you will have 2 backup’s and then you can always make a copy from your master to restore a disk that crashed. In the end it’s a LOT OF WORK! However, you will always have lets say, your External Drive info, plus if you use 4.O GB Disk, a Master and 2 Backup’s. Remember this excludes your OS disk that u received from the computer company that u bought your hardware from, which now can be retrieved online. Yes, it is hard work to do with making the Master, Backup’s, with the addition of the External drive, however this is far better than purchasing boxes of Kleenex to wipe your TEARS. In the end, just having the External Drive as backup is not Playing SAFE.

At nearly $0.07/gb that’s a hard deal to pass up…

My pockets are shallow though.

So you’re saying it worked exactly as promised?

Not a chance.

Edit: Was up late… I just got the sarcasm.

Guys, RAID is not a backup. Raid is a crutch just in case. If you are relying on your mirrored drives to save you, then you are doing it wrong. This drive would be a part of a backup solution, but not an end all be all. RAID does nothing for accidental file deletions or id10t errors.

I personally have 3 layers of backup. Mozy handles the automatic stuff to the cloud, I backup locally to my NAS device (this Hitachi would stand in for that) and I have all the files on my main computer. The chances that all of this would go TU is pretty slim. Even if the house burns, I have an off site to restore from.

Having said all of that, 4TB would be a nice cog in the backup wheel…

To this and several other folks who have talked about how “unsafe” using this as RAID 0 is…

Some of us need the speed that RAID 0 gives for working with large video files (editing) or doing straight captures from a tethered camera. In those cases there’s a solution that’s every bit as safe as RAID 1 - it’s called buying TWO of these drives.

Just saying.

The DirecTv tips & tricks section lists add-on hard drives that are compatible with their units. This one is not listed. Why do you think this will work?