Hitachi Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive

I blinked!



Take the hard drives out of the case and put them in your desktop.

Where go did the iPhone?

Will this work with my Commodore 64?

Did anybody get the ipod???

Note: this actually gives you less than 2 TB


Wow. Not even sure if this is a good price. Still want one.

This toaster is missing bread slots.

Man now I’m sad, filled out the cc verification # for the iphone and tried to hit submit, but it gave me an error, must have miss typed it =/

dang… I want one but dont have that much spare money right now

Not a NAS. Pass~

Wait, they come in size 4 now? I’m still getting used to gigabytes in the hundreds. This is just too much to handle, I need to sit down.

For this price, I would rather NAS.

3 Year warranty isn’t bad.

I would want this if I knew what to do with 4 Terabytes