Hitachi Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive

only a 3 year warranty on these.

Wow finally a HD big enough for me to put all my… Family pictures and videos on…

Sure - but how many years did it take before that statement was wrong. Obviously the thing isn’t going to last forever… but if it makes you not need storage for 8-12 years, that’s got to be worth the cost, no?

Is this a 4TB Toaster?

and then it changed…it 3minutes
and now…bye bye sold out

Until computers double in size and power and capability a few times, which happens every couple years. When XP came out, now 9 years ago, we didn’t even have 500GB hard drives. The first one of those was 2005.

Yea… but someone bought 3

And she’s gone.

You can buy a 2TB on newegg for $70, then buy a second one, so $140 for the same capacity! $239.99 is too expensive!