Hitachi Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive

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Hitachi Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive
$219.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Dang, this is a good reason to always have a couple hundred bucks handy. If I did, I wouldn’t after grabbing this woot!

I bet vk2ftvw8os bought 3… :slight_smile:

248.99 at (4.99 shipping) and (free shipping)

I had no idea consumer drive were this big already!

Wow. it’s HUGE.

My fan died in mine 6 months after purchase. It still runs and is fast (I run it in 2GB, raid1). The case gets pretty warm.

I just thought of this…I’m listening to my 1st Gen Zune that I bought on a woot! off a while back. It’s 32 Gigs so I should have enough music for the whole woot! off!


Just a late night thought…
is a terrabite what you get when you p.o. a terrapin?

Complete no-brainer. $150 off of the normal new price, yeah, I’ll take it.

Edit: Oooh, nice deal at PCDirect. Might suggest this to some coworkers who have been having backup issues if I like it. Can’t have too much data security, and $50/terabyte is pretty damned good. Amazon lists it as about $150 more than this, and previous woots are higher than PCDirect’s current price.

I’ll see if it accepts after-market fan replacement. If so I’ll slap some robust ones in there and be good to go. I’m just stoked that it supports the sort of connections it does and offers eSATA. With that info in hand, provided the cooling issue is either not really an issue OR is fixable with aftermarket fans, I may use it as a raid 1 configuration with an additional boot partition and a backup partition. Quite attractive to basically have a second 4TB HDD setup that’s bootable via eSATA, would make transitioning from desktop to laptop much easier when traveling.

Cool, cool, cool :slight_smile:

They’re not. This is two 2TB HDs inside.


Woot! says:
“Quad interface for plug and play flexibility: USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, and 3Gb/sec eSATA”

Why not

Hex interface for plug and play flexibility: USB 1.0, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, 1.5Gb/sec eSATA and 3Gb/sec eSATA


Tri interface for plug and play flexibility: USB 2.0, FireWire 800, and 3Gb/sec eSATA

Quad seems a little too much or not enough, maybe that is just me

That would seem to indicate something. I bet if you look at it long enough you’ll probably figure it out

How many pins, and in what configuration, does firewire400 come? How about 800?

Is a firewire 800 port backwards compatible with firewire 400?

Maybe this will help you figure it out.

You changed my view on life, until today I thought 800 was generation 2 of firewire 400, same connector like USB 1 and 2. I guess not, so does this thing have 2 different firewire controllers for 400 and 800? or is it one controller and two connectors? JW and now time for bed

I don’t know. I would venture to guess that they’re probably using an IO controller that supports all of them, like one of the ones from texas instruments or smc.