Hitachi Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive

hot damn thats a big hard drive

I have one, It runs great despite the cooling fan being dead. It does get hot though.


whoever was bitching about the lack of 1tb or larger drives… better buy 1/4 of this one

Now THIS is more ironic than bionic. Chef’s choice!

lots of portable hardrives tonight

LOL jeez i said i wish there was a 1 TB HD not 4!! hahaaa

LOL jeez i said i wish there was a 1 TB HD not 4!! hahaaa

Das a whollottaporn

4TB I like but I really want NAS.

Tempting… But I just gave Woot $400 yesterday. Probably shouldn’t drop another $200 just yet.

or its just one porn in the highest definition possible ever.

Not wort breaking apart for the hard drives… Costco has Hitachi 2TBs Sata in a UBS case fore $54.

Sold out right before I confirmed my order. Ouch.

I have one with the fan issues. Easy fix to swap the stock fan with a high RPM / quiet MAGLEV fan. No more heat issues. Also, very slow with Win7 indexing, but turn off indexing, runs as fast as normal external hard drives.

lol, anyone who orders this should automatically be added to the fbi watch list for pirating, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr