Hitachi DVD Camcorder


[imgleft][/imgleft] Tuesday, November 01, 2005


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A bunch of reviews:


THE WOOTHOUSE ™ - What some woot’s can put you in if you don’t check with the significant other before buying [;)]

Hitachi DVD Camcorder $329.99 + $5 shipping

Best Price on Froogle - $388

Decent reviews on Amazon - REVIEW LINK


I totally want one.

Seems like an awesome price for a DVD recorder.





Although it’s a refurb, it seems pretty tempting. Any opinions on the DVD camcorder?


I refuse to buy refurbed items.


if i didnt just buy a canon sd 400 i would be all over this


doh. i almost went to sleep 14 minutes ago, but thought “nah, i’ll stay up for woot.”

I’m still kicking myself for not buying the sushi set.


Very nice, is this a good price?


I agree about refurbs… but a neat product none the less


Who is the guy in the viewscreen?


The best thing about Woot!: If I don’t like the product, I love the descriptions!


Wish I could use one of these but I will post up some good info for the others on here


Nice Woot… Unfortunitly I do not need one at this time.

As a side question… What happened to the Woot offs or did I just miss them?


no money, plus about the same price on ebay, if you play your cards right, no thanks, not tonight


I like the idea of burning directly to a DVD-r. I wonder if there is a +vs - problem. Only problem is I don’t have the cash and its furbished


Been wanting a DV cam, hopefully some useful reviews will come along before they sell out.


Yes, refurbished is back !!!
Woot, we missed the refurbished products, keep them coming Christmas is around the corner…


Anyone else see the audio/pod cast thing?

I love it!