Hitachi EDPJ32 LCD Entertainment Projector

854×480 Native Resolution

if it had been 1024x768 there would have ben a better chance of my purchasing it.

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or something to cook with…

c’mon woot, how many people do you think are still looking for a projector after all that you’ve offered so recently…but then again you’ll probably try to sell those caviar HDs a half dozen more times over the next year


I thought this was some super slim projector from the future, but then the rest of the image loaded.

And the post verification thing is BROKEN.

Not a bad deal, but if you’re goign to buy a projector for your home you might as well spend a little more to get one significantly better.

misleading… it accepts hi-def signals, but can’t output over 480p
not a great projector, although a good deal

ok i don’t know much abt projectors, can any one tell me if this would work with a tv like PAL or NTFs, or will it be only be used with computers? i need it only if i can watch tv onit

Good price. 1300 lumens is reasonable for a living room with good curtains. The contrast ratio is suitable for the same.

Before committing, you might want to read up:

Front exhaust = Blows crap into projection area. Be sure to vacuum/dust 12 hours prior to viewing.

Highest ebay bid $355 on 3/26. Did not meet reserve. Failed to sell again on 4/2 reached $480 and also failed to sell. Rumored to have embedded gerbils on ic board.


and of course, persistence pays off…keep resubmitting the post and trying new passwords each time and eventually the 5 minute buffer time will pass and it isn’t needed

Great song on tonight’s podcast - except for the chipmunks

they use one like this at my work. its always over heating and sometimes there are lines in the picture.

buyers beware


Doesn’t work for me either…I don’t get it.

Are we ever going to get some screens to go with all these projectors? 2.35:1 please.

“Limit one rebate per person, purchasing entity, household, family or address, regardless of number of Products purchased”

Kinda takes the fun out of buying 3.

i think matthew is getting weak with the podcasts… come on man, we deserve better!

With that resolution and contrast ratio…I might as well hold a magnifying glass up to my PDA…now we’re talking about high quality H2O…

Looks like a pretty good LCD projector
not bad but not for me - good too many already. Oh and about those DLP projectors and that 2000 to 4000:1 ratios - Americans really like big # and shiny objects. I did a shoot out between a 2000 luman DLP with 2000:1 contrast with a 2000 luman 300:1 3 Chip LCD projector both By the same manufaturer guess which 1 won>? The LCD! looked better and the whites were whiter and the darks darker.

Here’s the specs a la

MSRP (USD) : $ 1,499
Brightness (Lumens) : 1300 ANSI
Contrast (Full On/Off) : 500:1
Variable Iris: **
Audible Noise: 32.0 dB
Weight: 4.8 lbs.
Size (inches) (HxWxD) : 3.0 x 11.0 x 8.0
Throw Dist (feet) : **
Image Size (inches) : **
Lens: Focus:
Zoom: Manual, 1.20:1
Optional Lenses: No
Digital Zoom: Yes
Keystone Correction: Digital
Lens Shift: **
Networking: Wired:
Wireless: No
Warranty: 1 Year
H-Sync Range: **
V-Sync Range: **
Compatibility: HDTV:
1080i, 720p
EDTV/480p: Yes
SDTV/480i: Yes
Component Video: Yes
Video: Yes
Digital Input: No
Personal Computers: Yes
Display: Type:
PolySi LCD (3)
Native: 854x480 Pixels
Maximum: 1600x1200 Pixels
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (WVGA)
Lamp: Type:
165W UHP
Life: **
Quantity: 1
Speakers: **
Max Power: **
Voltage: **
FCC Class: B
Special: **
Status: Shipping
First Ship: Nov 2005

There have been projectors out for awhile now that are hidef and HDMI. BenQ, InFocus, Epson, Sharp… Pretty much every projector manufacturer has at least one if not several.

You might wanna check as it is a pretty good starting point.