Hitachi G-Drive 1TB USB-C 3.0 2.5" Ext HD

The disk drive is NOT “NEW”. Received the drive and it is marked Refurbished. Have ask for a RMA, but have not received a response as of the time.

The Hitachi G-Drive I received is NOT new. It is marked as Refurbished. I have asked for to return the drive, as I do not trust Refurbished devices for storage of important data. It has been 24 hrs since my request. I have not received a response to my request.

I have emailed Woot support by their customer support page requesting to return the Refurbished drive. The Woot web states the drive is “NEW”. They have not replied!
I have open a dispute with my credit card as the product is not as advertise. Do not trust Woot web site as they have not fulfilled the own statement.

I’m very sorry. We just now became aware of the issue. I’ve emailed the computers team so we can get started on a resolution.

Totally agree with you . . . “refurbished” for important data or as a back-up drive - Please! I’d rather use a refurbished toothbrush or wear refurbished underwear than do something as stupid as that. Glad to know that I wasn’t “seeing things” or misread the description - it really did say “New”. I have asked Woot to cancel my order of 3. Too bad - Amazon has new ones for only $15 more (