Hitachi Gas-Powered Handheld Blower and $30 Mail-In Rebate Offer

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Hitachi Gas-Powered Handheld Blower and $30 Mail-In Rebate Offer
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Too bad I just bought one of these last week

I first read the description as “Handheld Blender” and was confused as to why it would be gas-powered.

This blows.

That sucks…I mean blows.

This woot blows

edit: I’m unoriginal

Gas-powered blowers are bad for the environment - and a complete friction’ noise-pollution nuisance. Boo!

After watching the recent immigration episode of South Park… this woot makes me giggle.

Game ON Montequito!

I’m not sure I’ve seen a leaf blower that was not handheld.

Last of the Meheecans

Looks real good for $99. I’d be up for this as I need a handheld blower, but I am trying to get away from 2-stroke stuff. Been eyeing the Makita 4-stroke handheld blower.

I got a wheeled unit that just can’t get everywhere.

This is available on other sites for $100 also, but the $30 mail in rebate makes this a DEAL!

Yessss!! Just in time for fall wind storms.

Amazon review:

“And the WINNER of the “This Blows” FIRST comment goes toooooo…Gravityisweak!!!
woot! tell him what he’s won!!”

Id love to see this powering a Dyson fan :slight_smile:

I have a friend with a large wheel mounted blower.

So how many people are planning on buying 3 of these to make a personal hovercraft ala the Mythbusters?

Not bad… 69.99 to blow leaves…

Now… what could I buy with the $30 gift card…

Maybe this rake for about 18 bucks…… these lawn bags from the best supermarket anywhere… and enough left over for a fivebucks coffee.

Mostly commercial but, “Backpack model” would be the alternative???