Hitachi Gas Powered Nailer - Your Choice

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Hitachi Gas Powered Nailer - Your Choice
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Gas Powered Nailer… Do these work with Taco Bell only or all fast food?

Regular or Premium?

“fuel rods” run between $25-35 for a 4-pack IF you can find them. Nearly every mainstream store lists them as out of stock. Tread carefully, this may be discontinued technology that you won’t be able to find consumables for.

I’m waiting for one based on thermonuclear detonation.

I’m pretty sure they are just your standard fuel cells. It looks like the same ones that the paslodes and bostitchs use so you can get them at any hardware store.

If this was a framing nailer, I’d be all over it. Not much finish work in my future.

This seems intriguing if it was a framing nailer as you wouldn’t have to drag a hose across the 12 12 pitch roof three stories up. However, I would have to worry about fuel rods and lithium batteries which are all consumables and create an extended cost for this. An air compressor and hose are a one-time purchase. You could argue that electricity is not free, however the amount of electricity I would use powering a compressor for an entire house is minimal.