Hitachi GST Deskstar 4TB Internal SATA HD

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I’m afraid of how these might be packaged. Could be roaming about freely in a box. I’ve never purchased a bare drive from Woot. Anyone that purchased a bare drive like to comment about how it was packaged? Thanks.

I’m pretty tech illiterate. Could I put this in my ps3?

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Good reviews (3 out of 5 eggs) over at

No… The ps3 uses 2.5 inch laptop style drives. This is a 3.5 inch desktop drive.

According to this:

It’s too big to fit in the PS3

Hitachi GST HDS5C4040ALE630 Technical Library

These drives being refurbished and a few people on Newegg questioning the quality, I would highly recommend getting a Squaretrade warranty or something of the sort from Amazon and just be sure to keep your important stuff backed up and perform regular SMART checks and chkdsks.

Edit: Here’s what I’m talking about. Conveniently it fits just in the price range! Since statistically speaking most hard drives die the first or fourth< year of ownership, and this one comes with a six month manufacturer warranty, I would highly recommend the four year plan, even if it is a bit of an increase in price from the others.

Edit 2: Fixed warranty info

Deathstar is a very old term used to describe the older drives. the newer ones are not at all like those old ones. i own a pc business and hitachi drives from the last 5-7 years have been rock solid and i have nearly all of the ones we have out these still in service many years later.

being a refurb hard drive i do however recc a warranty anyway. but hitachi drives are no longer deathstars as they once were when they took over from ibm.

This is misinformation at best, the deathstar was one specific drive the Deskstar 75GXP back when these were IBM drives. Your talking about one bad product over 10 years ago made by a different company. Fyi HTSG is owned by western digital now a days.

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Ah, I guess I wouldn’t really know since I haven’t used a Hitachi drive since I owned that one. Old habits die hard, I guess! I guess I would have expected them to drop that line when its name lost its value, but obviously I was wrong.

Been using several Hitachi desktop drives without problems for the past 3yrs, they’re fast but read/write noise is a bit louder than Seagate under sustained tasks.
Hitachi drives have a highly rated reputation for desktop drives post-IBM flawed model and their notebook drives are on-par with WD Scorpio Black series at the moment too.

As far as reliability goes, 4TB drives are still too new and numbers aren’t enough to judge who is the best/worst. Considering WD were required by Asia-Pacific Anti-Trust regulators to make WD compete against HGST, you’re seeing both release solid products and WD had to divest several Hitachi 3.5"(desktop) patents so Toshiba could enter the market.

Drives with out time limited error recovery should not be used in a nas. You should used drives intended for raid use like the WD red or seagates nas series.

BH Photo has these NEW for $149 including the full 3 years warranty. Free shipping, no tax. So this deal is lukewarm at best. Add in any Squaretrade warranty and you might as well have gotten the new ones.

Ah, but you miss the real beauty of these being refurbished: they’ve already failed and the faults rectified, while the ‘new’ ones are a mystery!

Precisely. You can’t consider these “Deathstars” when statistically Hitachi drives far exceed the reliability of WD and Seagate consumer-class drives.

Backblaze (the cloud backup service) has a cold-storage mockup of their drive failures. We’re talking nearly 30,000 drives in this study alone, and the Hitachi was somewhere around 1/20th the average consumer drive failure rate.

The other benefit of refurbish drives is they always have the newest firmware.