Hitachi GST Deskstar 4TB Internal SATA HD

Hitachi GST Deskstar 4TB Internal SATA HD
Price: $124.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jul 23 to Monday, Jul 28) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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7/15/2014 - $124.99 - 0 comment(s)

Howdy all. Guess We’ll have a lot of people printing with the Canon. How about a bigger hard drive to store all those photos?

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Hitachi GST HDS5C4040ALE630 Technical Library

2 schools of thought on this:

#1 holly crap its refurbished mechanical hard drive screw that, I don’t want it to fail on me also.

#2 Its refurbished so company had a tech actually open it up inspect it more closely then it ever was at the main point of manufacture and repair the problem (and hopefully it only had one problem)

so close… been looking at getting HUS724040ALE640 for the last couple months to replace fairly old HD’s. This is much cheaper but i cant justify it.

It doesnt say anywhere on here but these are effectively 5400rpm drives (CoolSpin Tech). And the E6 means its 512 emulation (as opposed to 512 native which is A6). Depending on what the rest of your setup you might want one or the other (note that legacy OS’s wont necessarily align partitions correctly)

Anybody else notice the Error Rate listed under the “Reliability” header on the Specs tab?

Let me help you 1 in 10. So the unrecoverable read error rate is 1 in 10? I really hope that’s some type of typo.

I’m out.

Lol this is definately an error. There should be a ‘to the power of’ after the 1 in 10 like “1 in 10^14” Im sure they’ll fix this as soon as they see your post. Good looking out.

However this typo should’nt keep you from purchasing this drive. I’m in the group of people who don’t mind refurb drives. I’ve had a lot of luck with refurbs and the Deskstars have only gotten better over the past few years. Its a great buy.

Best thing about refurbished hard drives is looking through a stranger’s p0rn stash after doing a data recovery.

First thought in my head:

I own 32 of these drives that vary in age from one-two years old, all in Sans Digital RAID enclosures.

I’ve had exactly zero problems with any of the drives.

Second thought in my head:

SIXTY DAY WARRANTY for about a $25.00 savings? That’s just stupid.

Sorry Woot, that’s about the weakest warranty I’ve seen on a HD.


**Plus 1TB…d;^)


Im just throwing this out there as I have never bought a refurbished hard drive,but I was told once by a person who works in the tech industry that refurbished hard drives only had a problem with the circuitry on the exterior of the drive..Opening and working on the interior platters and read/write heads would require a "clean room" environment and probably wouldnt be cost effective…just sayin`…

Comments from previous sale

I’ve had good luck with refurb drives as replacements for hot spares in RAIDS. Chances are the moment you put the drive in it will be the “youngest” drive in the array.

Failure rate has been about the same as new drives. DOA rate has been a bit higher.

That is a bit low. The last batch I bought came with a full three year warranty.

I personally think most refurb drives had nothing wrong with them to start with. When we have a drive degrade while still under warranty we will usually send it in for replacement (they charge like $25 for the return shipping). Chances are the drive is fine and there was just a write error cased by the controller or server.

You couldnt pay me double this to put data i dont even want on a Deathstar hard drive

Would this thing work in a ps3?

I just wanted to post a relevant message from the previous sale about these hard drives because it’s actually informative, and I hate hearing about the Hitachi “Deathstar” issue.

I believe the Hitachi hard drives lately have been actually very reliable.

It is a desktop hard drive, not a laptop, so no.

Not to mention, I don’t think a PS3 can handle 4TB, even if it was the correct form factor (I could be wrong…)

I work for Hitachi Data Systems. I can tell you most HD failures I see are electronics related. Very rarely do the drives themselves have a problem. I have 10’s of 1000’s in Ashburn VA that have been spinning 24X7 for years and years. Improper handling will result in static discharge damage that may not show up for a while