Hitachi Rear Handle Chain Saw

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Hitachi Rear Handle Chain Saw
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After all these chain saws, and I bought the Tanaka (nice), still none with a front handle.


Rear-handle chainsaw

Top-handle chainsaw

No front-handled or bottom-handled, AFAIK

(but then, you really knew that already, didn’t you? :^)

I got this a couple of years ago on Woot. Cuts well with heavy Use and always, always starts. I also have a Hitachi blower with the Purefire engine and it always starts, as well. USE STABILIZER OVER THE WINTER AND RUN IT DRY. Non-oxy gas ONLY!

I’m pretty sure Hitachi makes the Tanaka. These may even be identical, just with different branding. Top-handle saws are used by professional arborists when they are working in trees due to the tight quarters.

Correct. Hitachi and Tanaka are the same saw; one is orange and the other is green and that’s the extent of the difference. The Hitachi model number is CS40EA18, the Tanaka is TCS40EA18.

I have the 20" Tanaka, also bought here, and although it’s no Stihl, it’s a great little saw, better than the consumer saws sold at big-box stores.

Do you mean non-ethanol gas? That’s not always possible; in the Midwest your nearest corn-free gas can be several states away.

Regarding stabilizer and running it dry, my understanding was that you only need to do one or the other. Stabilizer is for fuel you’re leaving in the tank; if the tank is dry, the stabilizer is unneeded.

I always run my saws dry to store them unless I expect to use them again within the next couple of days. I run the mower and snowthrower dry when storing them for the season.

using stabilizer in the gas is a must regardless of where the gas is stored. If you are going to let it sit for more than 1.5 or 2 weeks then it needs to have stabilizer. Just my 2 cents.

bought this the last time it was up. Ran it the other day for the first time. cutting oak and sycamore it did not bog down and just cut straight through. In the process I shut it off and started it several times. Always started by the second pull.

AWESOME! Happy cutting!