Hitachi SimpleDrive III 1TB Aluminum External Hard Drive


DANG! I need an internal drive. :frowning:

$99 From outside retailer

You can get a 2TB drive for about $100.

Argh!!! I’m never going to catch up on sleep now…

But hooray for woot offs!!! <3

OK let me just predict the future here…


There…I said it first. In 2 or 3 days you will look back and realize I was right.

i click the buy it button and nothen happens

not really fast. If you are a true geek, you WILL want a eSATA one. USB 2.0 is the bottleneck itself !!

Hitachi should really stick to making big grills for cooking out on.

I was going to be up all night writing a paper anyways.

You mean same retailer, just different site? Amazon owns Woot.


well I clicked the buy button the BOC and nuthin happened either and WOOT customer service told em tough luck…now go away…they are $%^^*** up. Did not expect this to be a quality post…he he

Height is 26.1mm.

Hmm. 1 inch is about 25.4mm, IIRC. But the width x depth was about 101 x 147.

But it’s sold out in the time it took to write this.


Wow, that was pricey. This week I bought two 2TB Hitachi internals for $52.49 each shipped (after $10 mail-in rebate on each). And there are ongoing deals right now for 2TB externals for about $75.

Oh well, Woot! didn’t have very many and the bots bought them all, so it makes little difference.

Correction: As the poster said, a different retailer: not just a different site. While the item is posted for sale on Amazon, it’s for sale by an independent retailer, not by Amazon itself! Take a look.