Hitachi SimpleDrive III 2TB Aluminum External Hard Drive

Hitachi Hard Drives have always been a favorite of mine… And when they have bad sectors, you can use the Hitachi DFT Bootable disk to Recover the Hard Drive.
I have one of these and it’s great!

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2TB on USB 2.0? That could take a while…

Maybe if it was eSATA.


I do not care too much about the Hitachis. They are former IBM hard drives, which means there are Deskstar hard drives inside each one of these external drives.
From my experience, Hitachi drives tend to run hot and make a lot of noise compared to the competitors.
Just letting you know what you’re getting into before buying this.

This is actually, a very very tempting deal. The bare Hitatchi 2TB drive generally retail for $120-130 depending on where you go. Granted they don’t list the specifics on this drive model, but it’s at least 32MB cache and 7200 RPM so that puts it right in line with their other models.

I’ve have quite a few Hitatchi hard drives, they’re reliable and if one does die on you the RMA procedure is straight forward.

I’m not one for drives that stand upright, I’ve a bad history of knocking things over. However at this price, I have a feeling I’ll be getting at least one, even if I do end up taking the drives out and using them elsewhere.


Did Hitachi intentionally make it look like the end of a USB stick?


Agreed - I wouldn’t mind a new external drive, but the lack of both eSATA and USB 3.0 makes this a no go for me.

YouTube videos:

eye candy video - quick

unboxing - cat not included

USB is slow!
eSATA is better.

I just love moofi :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me to check it!

The quality on the Deskstar drives went up quite considerably after IBM stopped running the place. The lawsuit and all probably had something to do with IBM letting Hitatchi buy it. Deskstar - Wikipedia The ones I have run no hotter than any seagate or WD drive I’ve encountered.

Uh is this for real…

“I’ll even throw in this 1TB version for your trouble.”

That’s a link to another sale. It is not part of this offer, which includes:

As seen on the front page. The 1 TB drive is a lower cost alternative featured on at the moment.

Figures this pops up the day after I buy two iomega 1 TB externals for $60/each.

Cool – this will work with my Mac!

Review crazy:

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