Hitachi SimpleDrive III 2TB Aluminum External Hard Drive

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Hitachi SimpleDrive III 2TB Aluminum External Hard Drive
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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yayyy!! -_-

The aluminum makes it light, which improves gas mileage. But, the aerodynamics are lousy, which negates the gain from the aluminum. Give me a sleek steel drive any day.

That was quick. :frowning:

lol… what did they have only one of these?

LOL 1 HD? Nice

Why is there only 1 or 2 items of the good stuff and hundreds of the crap? A turntable? Seriously?

Aww Monkey Hell I missed this.

Hitachi doesn’t honor their warranty unless you buy from an authorized dealer or from Hitachi directly. And they won’t list their authorized dealers.

wow…that was fast

That deal went faster than a bagel of cheese

Damn! I’ve been needing an external hd and this seems like a good price! Oh well :frowning:

I love this external hard drive. Got it a while back from woot and I am just loving it. maybe not as much as my Ps3 is, got so much crap stored on this formated to fat32 three partions about to make a fourth one cause I can and need too.

There’s a WD on deals.woot for the same price, plus free shipping.