Hitachi SimpleDrive Turbo 2TB USB External Hard Drive

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Hitachi SimpleDrive Turbo 2TB USB External Hard Drive
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Hitachi HSD2000 SimpleDrive Turbo 3.5 2TB US Ext HD

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This isn’t a bag.

i have been f5ing for twenty minutes for this?!?!

Finally, no more fing shirts …

Now that will store a lot of porn



There is no such thing as “turbo” electronics.

$220 at Amazon

Finally, a cool item!

Too bad I don’t need or particularly want one.

I had a SimpleDrive 1TB External HDD that crashed in less than 3 months… Managed to recover everything and get it back up and running… Crashed again a month later, unrecoverable. :frowning:

I bought the SimpleDrive III over on Sellout a few days ago.

This is an older model, and it’s just as expensive?

No thanks.

Of course not. They never do the bag right after the shirts. It’s usually sometime between 5 and 6 Eastern Time, and that’s assuming this isn’t going to go on for another day.

Why F5 when you can use Wootalyzer?

“Turbo USB 2.0”?
Oh wait it’s gone.

Not the same SimpleDrive 2TB they had a couple days ago over on sellout.woot, but still a model that requires external power. Ya got something USB bus-powered?

There’s a bag over on the kids side…

wow, so quick. wish I didn’t go to bathroom

how about a lap top pc…come on we are dying here…lol