Hitachi/Tanaka Outdoor Power

The second picture is not accurate. It shows a straight shaft attachment. The one for sale here has the curved shaft.

Will this fit other motors like the troybuilt edger?

Did some research on these and came across this: I assume these have been “repaired”…?

No, just Hitachi and Tanaka brands.


I’ll be picking up some of the attachments and maybe the Tanaka. But I bought 2 of the straight shaft Hitachis last year when woot offered them, also new then, before the recall was issued.

1 is still in the box. What does the repair involve (is it a part or a whole power unit swap) and is this something a dealer can handle or does it require shipping the unit back? If the latter, do you get the same unit back or a refurb? I loathe returning stuff as well as getting a different, used unit back. Thanks

You will need to ship it back and you get the same unit back. Here is the link to the recall info:

what is the difference between in this model, Hitachi CG22EASSLP 21.1cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer (CARB Compliant)
and the one listed in the Plus event, CG22EADSSLP? I can’t see a difference.

See ewarz’s post in the thread for the other sale.

Basically, the expensive one is a split shaft system. You can easily swap out attachments (2 of 4 of which are offered). If you look in front of the forward handle, you’ll see a thicker tube/adapter that allows quick changes from grass trimmer to edger or anything else.

The swap out is quick and easy, conversions take less than a minute.

The cheaper straight shaft trimmer is more a dedicated grass trimmer, like the curved one in the woot plus. You’ll see there is no adapter in the middle of the shaft. You can’t easily swap out the attachments like you can with the woot plus one.

That said, Hitachi1’s 2nd post in that other sale’s thread notes that for the cheaper one, you can still change out the entire shaft (not half) to get a hedge trimmer or whatever full length shaft end they sell. However, per an Amazon review, it takes like 10 minutes though. The ones in the woot plus are not compatible. Still more a dedicated setup than a fast swap.