HitLights 16.4ft LED Strip Light Kit

What color is the strip itself? I’ve seen them in black or white. I need white to better blend in with my white cabinets. Thank you.

Just received two (2) sets. The LED strip on both are white.

To those Wooters contemplating a purchase of this Woot deal… some “caveat emptor” here on the HitLights LED Strip Light Kit

[list][*]I ordered two (2) sets of “Cool White”… in fact, I was the first Wooter to “Woot” on this deal.

[*]I’ve received two (2) sets of “Warm White” LED strip lights.

[*]Woot’s Customer Service responded to my inquiry regarding the above issue with offering either a partial refund to keep what I have - or issue a complete refund - if I return both sets.

[]To quote the CS representative, ***“Unfortunately, we do not have any replacements to send you”**.

[*]If that’s true and Woot does not have any of the Cool White LED light strips remaining, they are still showing this for sale.

[*]Potential Safety Hazard - I tested one of the sets as I received. There is a red and black wire “tail” on the strip that has two non-insulated wire terminations at the end of the LED strip.

[*]You might want to cut the exposed wire ends off before plugging the light set in to avoid shorting the circuit and possibly causing the light set to fail.

[*]Also, please be advised the LED light set apparently causes RF interference with my AM/FM counter top radio when plugged into an AC electrical socket close to the radio.[/list]

Again… if you order the Cool White LED strip lights, you may or may not receive that one. You just might discover you have received the Warm White strip light set.

How warm is the warm white? I bought some “warm” white LED rope lights in the past and I don’t consider them warm at all.

I’m looking to use these as above cabinet lights and I’d like them to kind of match the florescents I have for my under cabinet lights.

Skipjack2001 >>> The “Warm White” are 3000K, the “Cool White” are 5000K. If you know the Kelvin color temperature of your existing lighting, you’ll have an objective comparison. The fluorescents in use for your under cabinet lighting might have some markings on the bulbs that can assist you in such a determination.

Edit: I ordered a third set of these lights in “Warm White” and thankfully that’s what Woot shipped. As this set arrived a couple of days past, I’ve just done a relative visual comparison… plugging in the set of “Cool White” side-by-side with a set of “Warm White”.

The color temperature of the LED “Cool White” appears much “brighter”… noticeably “whiter” than the “Warm White” LED light strip. The latter would more closely relate to the warmness of “Soft White” CFL bulbs.

Hope that helps… and just to be on the safe side, why not order a set of each, one “Cool White” and a set of “Warm White”… install the set that more closely matches the color temperature of your existing lights.

I bought 3 sets of warm lights, and received 2 sets that are rated IP30 (indoor) and 1 set rated IP65 (outdoor). Can I use the outdoor ones indoors? I think I recall the description saying indoor/outdoor, not one or the other…

I just checked the description again and there is no mention of IP65 outdoor lights, but I received one of those…

Hmm. Sorry for the mix-up. You can certainly send a note to support@woot.com with your situation and order number. CS will be able to take a look at your account and review any options.