HitLights Eclipse Multicolor LED Strip 2Pk

Product Page with Video

Newegg has for $28

That one is a 1pk; we’re offering a 2pk.

“Sleek, black finish is perfect for indescreet [sic] installations.”

And who would want a discreet installation anyway?

Does this kit work with a PC power supply for internal PC installations or is this one just for use with the AC adapter?

Does anyone know if these are dimmable?

also, anyone know if you can program to fade from certain colors to another only, or will it only do the full spectrum

So…does this come with 8 strips or 16? Picture shows 4 and says you get two of these “kits”, but description says a kit comes with 8…or maybe I just read it wrong…

Never mind. I see it now. Comes with 8 total. Thanks!

They make a PC kit for these. It looks like the adapter pulls the 5V line. See here: https://www.hitlights.com/eclipse-accent-kits

So the image shown with contents is wrong? Its 2x everything shown, correct?

It is a 2-pack so you’re getting 2 of everything shown. Per the specs:

In The Box:

8 x Luma10™ Eclipse Series Multicolor LED Light Strips
2 x LED Power Adapter
2 x RGB Multicolor LED Controller with Remote
8 x 4-Pin LED Connection Wires

Are these bright enough to actually see by? I need light in a cabinet in an RV and thought these would be perfect if they’re bright enough.

Per the description:
4-Pin Connectors on each end make expanding these strips easy.
Sleek, black finish is perfect for indiscreet installations.
Low-power requirements allow each Eclipse Series Strip operate on only about 4 watts.
All-in-one kit makes a full installation quick and simple.
Includes 20 Key Remote with 9 Colors, 7 Function Keys (including flash, strobe and fade), and 4 preference keys
165 Lumens per foot, Rated IP-30
Comes with 8 x 1ft Light Strip Sections
Easy connections with included One Foot 4 Pin Connectors
Backed with 3M adhesive tape for easy and simple installation

Glad someone else saw that as well. lol

It says they are weatherproof, but will they work on a motorcycle? Not as primary illumination (of course) but as accent lighting?

Hi there. Heard back from the vendor: The strips would work on a motorcycle, but the connectors, controllers etc would not. We would not recommend it.

Morning. These are dimmable via the brightness buttons on the remote. The fades are preprogrammed and cannot be changed.

Per the vendor: This kit does not work with a PC power supply, but if you can get a Molex to DC Jack (5.5 x 2.1 mm) connector you can bypass the included power supply and run it directly off your PC.

“perfect for indiscreet installations”! Yes!

Can you connect strips for two packs on one AC Adapter? Or is there a maximum number of strips one AC Adapter will power?

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