Hitlights Multicolor RGB LED Tape Light Strip Kit

Does anyone know if this kit produces WHITE light?

Yes, it can produce white.

How long are the 4 strips?

Per the Specs, the strips are 12"/ea.

Are they waterproof? Can I put them into a fish tank hood that would get some humidity and an occasional drop of water when cleaning tank or feeding fishes?

If these are the same as on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/HitLights-Eclipse-Pre-Cut-Multicolor-Accent/dp/B006U5SE7U

which are listed as IP65, that means they are “Totally protected against dust”, and “protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions”.

So as long as you’re NOT submerging them under water you should be fine, but don’t just trust me, read more below:

Click here for more details on IP rating classification

Can Woot staff find out…

  1. If these come with RGB LED Controller/receiver?
  2. Can these strips change to any color in RGB spectrum or just to a limited set of 8-10 predefined colors?