HJTT Girls Tutu Dress with Train

HJTT Girls Tutu Dress with Train

lol sports > men’s apparel.

Does anyone know what exactly is wrong with that image? I know something is not right, but cannot figure out what…

SO many things… Should never bad photoshop clothing onto people… The fabric does not set right. Chance are that it was laid out on a table, a picture was taken and then they slapped it on a little girl pulled from somewhere in cyberspace.

Yup. She’s not actually wearing that dress, so the body shape of the dress is disproportionate with the size of that kid’s noggin. Also, I think the collar bone area was heavily blended and distorted to try to make it work. Arms are just floating over the dress, when the hands should be pressing into the fabric and squishing the dress down if her hands were resting on her waist. Should be more shadow on legs with how poofy the dress is.

It’s true that we can see that that little girl isn’t really wearing the dress but, the only thing for me is that I would have liked different colors like pink… unless it’s for some occasion, I don’t buy white tutu to my daughter.

Yeah, white tutu is just for marryin’