HK Onyx Studio 2 Bluetooth Speakers: 2 Colors

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I have Sony SRSX33 and noticed its bass muffles music. Yet people say it’s way less than Bose. And if this makes so much bass then I don’t want to think about Bose…

Is there a way to reduce bass generally if there are no controls? I don’t like that bass.

I bought a white one of these several months ago from Amazon for less $ and I love it! It looks sounds great and you can just feel the quality. The one on Amazon has silver trim and not this awful copper color. This seems to be a newer model–studio 2. Mine doesn’t have a microphone, but I don’t know why I would want one in the first place.


So the silver trimmed one you purchased for less is actually the first generation model Studio, this one is the newer 2nd generation Studio2.

The Studio 2 is actually quite better than the 1 was. Bass sounds noticeably better too.

I bought the Onyx Studio 2 at Best Buy for Christmas and it is awesome. Bass is good without being overpowering, and mid and upper ranges are decent for this form factor. I like the portability, can just grab it and carry it to where I am going to be working.

I bought the version one on the last Woot and couldn’t be happier … tempted to grab another or try this V2.

So what is the difference in audio performance between the Onyx and Onyx 2? I see that the 2 has a microphone and will pair with 2 BT devices at once, but what about the speaker system itself? I have an Onyx and LOVE it, and I’m wondering if there’s any point in upgrading to the Onyx 2.

Question: When it is plugged in to an electric wall socket and playing music is the battery being drained? I read some reviews that even when plugged into the wall that the battery is draining and when it runs out the speaker will not operate even when plugged in (until powered off and allowed to recharge).
Wattage wise how does this compare to the HK Onyx 1?
Is there any difference between this and the HK Onyx 1 besides the wire input aux? Otherwise is it the same exact speaker?

I have the original Onyx Studio - from what I can gather from reviews on Amazon (sister site), the sound performance is exactly the same!! The speakers ARE exactly the same - just look at the specs of both models offered today, you will see they are the same. The Onyx 2 will give you an Aux. jack, pairing w/2 devices at the same time, mic capability with smartphone, etc. I don’t consider the extra features worth the extra $ as necessary at this point in time. Today you can buy the original Onyx for almost half price & then buy an extended warranty to be safe.

How do I like the sound? It is really unbelievable how good it is for something so small. It is about 11" in diameter, so it is not real small as far as that goes. All the people raving about the sound qualities of this speaker attest to the quality of it, I assure you won't be disappointed unless you happen to get a bad one which can happen with any brand.

For those wondering about the sound quality: I have used my Onyx (Gen1) side-by-side with both my Bose SoundLink Mini II and my Bose SoundLink (original), and the Onyx is far superior. It delivers clearer sound, with far more low-end and fuller, richer mids. The Bose units tends to be very pronounced on the highs, to the point of being tin-y and almost shrill (which is the opposite of most Bose speakers I’ve heard). Considering the current SoundLink Mini II is $200 and the SoundLink III is $300, the Onyx is a fantastic deal with better sound. It’s not as portable (the shape is awkward) and the battery does not last as long, so true road warriors may want to consider that, but otherwise the Onyx just plain rocks!