HK Onyx Studio 2 Bluetooth Speakers: 2 Colors

So tempting… that open box thing is a turn off. Is this the same one that is on Amazon for 150 new?

Make sure you’re looking at the Studio 2.

Based on the comments on the other speaker do you know if the packaging issues were resolved? Where speakers were coming damaged because they were not wrapped properly or had any foam in the box or anything

The one on this link is from Amazon except it’s brand new in box and sealed so won’t get battered about in shipping via lose in a brown box. Worth the 7 dollars extra I am sure

Beware people. If you have reservations because of previous threads on this speaker whether it be refurb or open box, buy elsewhere.

I got the amazon one. it was 175 for the white one and 157 for the black. New in box and not questionable.

Bought both.Refurb and New. Refurb packaged poorly. It made it without damage and it’s an awesome sounding Speaker. Both are quality items.

For me, that link shows free SAME DAY shipping, for $7 more. Considering that w00t shipping is $5, and not same-day, you pay $2 extra to get it faster and it’s not an open box (for the black on anyway - the white one is $179.99 at amzn). So, for the black one, this isn’t a deal, but for the white one, it’s not bad, but still not a huge discount.

I’m looking for a system like this where I can use 2 or more BT speakers from one device. I don’t know that you can do that from this, but it looks like a pretty good product. Ideally, I’d be able to buy 2 or 3 so I can keep 2 in the kitchen and take 1 outside while grillin’ and chillin’ on the patio with the smoker and fire pit, etc. All the tunes, everywhere, ya know?

I checked on that too but these speakers cannot be linked together unfortunately BUT the quality is supposed to be amazing and fill a room anyway so you may not need more than one. The one I ordered from Amazon was the white one, I paid the extra to ensure I don’t have problems. Returning to woot is a nightmare and they email these shipping labels instead of mailing them like amazon. I can report how it sounds.

The sound is great. It rivals my Klipsch KMC 3 refurb that I also got from Woot in perfect condition two years ago. The Klipsch has a warmer sound with slightly deeper bass and louder volume levels. The HK is clear with plenty of bass and gets loud enough at normal volume levels.

They are both excellent speakers that I tested side by side at extremely loud volume. I wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite between the two unless it came down to cost.
The Klipsch was $230 refurb
The HK was $80 refurb (came really beat up, torn and damaged but otherwise works perfectly)

… I also have a Klipsch G-17 AirPlay speaker and it isn’t as good as either of the ones mentioned above. It’s clear, but doesn’t have enough bass and doesn’t get as loud. I’m using that as a “soundbar” for my TV because of the clarity with onscreen dialogue. It’s great for that.

The open box speaker came in great shape. i love this speaker. Anyone that I introduce to wants to keep it.