HM Digital Water Quality Tester

**Item: **HM Digital Water Quality Tester
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You’d be surprised how many people you see camping and bringing this along to gauge if they need to boil water or not.

It’s good to use if you feel like your old pipes are shedding tiny metal fragments into your drinking water, and it works quite well.

It’s absolutely useless to use for bacteria/parasites, which is people’s primary concern when testing water.

I have a water quality tester, not this brand; but as stated above, it’s awesome for camping!

Time to check out the product page


Every question you can possible have is answered right here

Will this test for nitrates?

Kiss of death for consumer products being developed is to hear “I’d take it with me when I go camping” during a focus group, unless, of course, the product is designed specifically for camping.

will it test for water hardness to set my water softener?

Looks very similar to the one that came with my ZeroWater water filter pitcher. These are very handy to check if your water filter is still doing its job. My ZeroWater pitcher is still reading zero on the same filter I have had for a year! :slight_smile: Yes, it does work, I tested it on tap water. Funny enough bottled water has far more particulates than my tap water.

is this the same stuff they give you for free when you buy the zero water filter?

No, just TDS.


Actually, this is not a surprise. One of the signs of the apocalypse:

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Keep in mind this a TDS meter (total dissolved solids). This does not test for anything, it simply estimates how much of a liquid is made up of dissolved solids.

It can not test water quality. Better than nothing, sure, but it’s important to realize that a TDS meter actually measures a narrow range of electrical conductivity (much less accurate and much smaller range than an EC meter) and estimates, in ppm, the TDS count. Unlike a more expensive EC meter, a TDS meter like this largely ignores certain particulates (sugars for example, as well as a lot of pharmaceuticals).

These are best used to compare water. In this respect they shine. You could do a rough test of water before and after a filter. Measure water from different faucets within your home.

I use one to when I am mixing liquid fertilizers. They’re very useful in this respect because you can mix very precise batches. Since they under read on sugar count they are very useful with plants, which can take a lot more sugar than they can NPK.

One thing to note. Ideally you should calibrate these after about ten uses. The readings start to drift. 1000 PPM calibration solution can be purchased on Amazon

Shhh next thing you will be telling people most bottled water is just filtered or MAYBE RO tap water WHICH IT IS and you are paying for the eon polluting bottle and shipping not the water.

And in the case of minerals many of them are GOOD for you.
(like Iron, Zinc, Potassium and Manganese)

Actually biological contamination it would not detect much more dangerous.

Best it can do is tell you likely too much, but not what or why might be bad.

Couldn’t agree more.

Not a bad tool to have for a gardener. The addition of temperature readings make it ideal for plants

Will this test for petroleum and natural gas pollutants, or will I have to continue lighting my tap water on fire to test for these?


This does not help you determine hardness.

It will measure hardness (dissolved minerals), it will measure for petroleum hydrocarbons (if dissolved in the water, not floating on top), it will measure salinity … it will measure any organic or inorganic ions dissolved in the water. The problem is you don’t know what it is that is dissolved in the water.