Ho printer. No setup cartridges or empty black ink


purchased this a month ago, have not been able to get it to work.

The printer window shows “Use SETUP cartridges that came with your printer”

no setup cartridges came with the printer and the black ink cartridge shows up as empty under the computer software.(which was stated to come with the product)

it states in the deal, 90 day hp warranty

but the hp support site, which gets the serial number, says not under warrantly

i entered a ticket anyway and the instructions couldn’t be followed because the config menu was not the same as what they were telling me to do. tried again. no response.

very frustrated. i have put too much time into this already. i don’t have a printer(haha) to print out a return label(which i have told woot. no response to that email either) .

Hi there. I answered you over here the other day.

Do you have someone that can print the label for you?

Not until the office reopens

No worries. We realize that there may be delays with some returns. Just let CS know that you’ll return it when you can get a label printed.

When you’re ready email them for a new label (the other will likely expire).

If you have any problems, holler at me and point me to this thread.

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