Hobby Horse

That horse has a heck of a backbone!

Is it glow in the dark or not?

They’re made of real horses? Then PETA must hate my childhood.

“It was a million to one shot, doc. A million to one.”

What? White only? :\ Weirdness. Wonder what a close-up looks like.

I also didn’t realize that the reigns were part of the skeletal system. Horse racing makes so much more sense now!

that horse has swallowed a sword!

While this isn’t my cup of tea, I’m curious to see how this one prints. I hope some buyers put up pictures

Odd, seems like this is full of gradients, didn’t think they could print that.

Oh no, 2012 came early! The pre-horseman of the apocalypse is here- radiation.

Actually, since it is a white horse, technically, I guess it does count as the first horseman -pestilence. Well, without the “man” part that is.

It’s not glow in the dark (it would have a a badge beside it saying GITD if it was)

It’s just printed like an X-ray.

A hobby horse. That’s what they’re called?

Great Seinfeld reference!

This is a shirt? Like…you would wear this? Maybe a weird wallpaper but I dunno about a shirt

i thought it should be or looks like it would be but i dont see it saying it is…oh well :frowning:

I had to go to the hospital once because there was a hobby horse in my… you know what? I don’t want to talk about it.

Sorry, cool design, but they are probably going to reject it because it has gradients… oh, wait…



I feel this odd compulsion to get this shirt. It’s got Grim Reaper-ish-ness about it, but I am strangley compelled towards it at the same time.