Hobby Metal Detectors - Your Choice

The mothership has only one review for this. It shows up for each of them.


Would you search the lonely earth for me?


There is an entire series of videos explaining how to use these:


Remember not to confuse Metal Detectors with Metal Dectectorists.

Two different buyers wrote virtually the same useless review.

Real reviews over here:



Anyone know if this is waterproof for doing wet sand? After all, you will get an occasional wave crashing on you unexpectedly.

Also can anyone tell me… is the ONLY difference between these two the fact that ONE has gps and the other does not? Correct?

And again… WATERPROOF for beach detectors?

Okay, so I was all ready to pull the trigger on this one. But NO ANSWERS to my questions. So I do some digging and research. Here’s what I found out - hope it will help others.

The ONLY difference between the two models is the more expensive has a GPS.

Looks like if you want 20 bucks cheaper on the GPS… the mothership has this same one without camo


This one looks like its the one with gps for 20 bucks less also.
They BOTH have waterproof coils. So a wave or two won’t hurt you.

Lastly, and this is why I’m probably not buying today…

This DUCK commander version is actually the same as this other version at the mother ship…


You’ll notice it has the EXACT same screen and options on said screen, and “pistol” grip. And its 20 bucks cheaper!

Sadly, if my questions had been answered I probaly wouldn’t have digged to find the exact same thing in a different color for 20 bucks less. So thanks woot staff for being patient with your answers!

PS. If you think a camo paint job is worth the extra 20 bucks. I’d say get this one. But everyone I read says they are the same exact model except for that. Also, there are more reviews on the mothership link… for those who want to know more about this model.

Same as NONGPS unit.


Contacted the manufacturer as I was interested in these units myself. It looks like the TC’s have newer upgraded internal parts than the older Ground EFX series. I do believe these units will work just fine on the dry sand part of the beach. Also it looks like you are getting a free metal digging tool/sheath and pouch which is nice.

I bought one of these some months ago and the screen broke off at the swivel. It’s taped on now

Do yourself a favor and get a Fisher or Teknetics instead.