Holiday Cards

Couple of years ago, woot had awesome holiday cards of the various designs and were blank on the inside. Anyone have any idea if these will be out again this year cause they haven’t been for some time.

Any input is appreciated!! :grin::grin::grin:

I recently bought two different kinds from woot:

Probably best to keep an eye out on shirt.woot to see if cards come up again.


I don’t know if these are “holiday” enough for you since you didn’t say which holiday, but hey, Vera Bradley!

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When abouts did you buy the first two? This is what I’ve been looking for!

It was last month, maybe the month before. I suppose it was September. Not too long ago. :calendar:

I don’t think there are plans for cards this year. I’ll pass on your wish to the shirt team. :slight_smile:

Crud!!! Was really hoping to catch then this year. Thanks.

Well that sure as heck sucks. I loved the cards and know I’d buy in bulk next time they come available to avoid not having any for a few years. Thanks for doing that I would totally appreciate it :grin::grin:

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