Holiday Eats 'N Treats



Is it time for pie?


Oooooh more lemon curd and pecan praline topping!! Hope the person who was so disappointed last time gets some of the lemon curd before it’s gone. Can’t resist the chocolate mud pie mix - have truly tried - left the computer and it lured me back on!


How was the lemon curd?


The ingredients list brings one word to mind: Diabetes.


ha seriously…
Sugar, Corn Syrup, Fructose, Dextrose, Sweetened Condensed Milk


Never has a food listing got my attention as much as this one, but because of that I MUST resist. This listing will be taunting me for days. Hurry up and make it a sell out so the temptation will go away. Thanks.


Has anyone tried using these in homemade pop tarts? Or do I have to be the first?


I enjoyed the lemon curd. Shmeared a bit on some shortbread as a small T’giving dessert option. Seemed others liked it too. I can make lemon curd, but frankly I’m getting lazy :slight_smile:


i highly recommend the chantal pie dishes–i used mine for three tasty thanksgiving desserts, and as usual, they baked up evenly and beautifully. both the standard pie plate and the deep dish option are fantastic! i’m in for one more as a backup.

p.s. in case you can’t really tell from the color on the screen, the “red” plate is more of a deep crimson, and when you bake in it, it briefly turns an even deeper cranberry shade. beautiful.

p.p.s. be forewarned that although the stoneware is typically packed very nicely, that doesn’t mean yours won’t arrive in pieces; i ordered all of my chantal items through amazon, and out of five or six different packages, one pie plate arrived broken in half and another came in multiple pieces. luckily, through the magic of amazon’s excellent customer service and my prime membership, i got new ones with no problems.


No one said you had to eat the ‘whole’ jar in one sitting… Some self control(I was going to say use some common-sense, but that doesn’t happen a lot these days) Merry Christmas!


It stands to reason if the whole pie is full of sugar, then a slice will be, too. There’s no need for condescension. Bless your heart!


Loaded up the last time this was offered, and made two of the mud pies for our Thanksgiving dinner at work. People were hesitant because…well, mud pies look like burnt pecan pies, honestly.

Then someone tried it, and that was ALL she wrote…gone in 15 minutes. BOTH of them. from a table full of desserts. They are so VERY rich, and the chocolate good, deep, and velvety.

AND - I was too lazy to make dough pie crusts, so I used el-cheapo store bought GRAHAM CRACKER crusts. Could not have been better. Could absolutely not have been easier to make, or tasted any better. I’m in for 3 more, I’d get 10 if I could just to have on hand.


If that pie dish is 9 1/2" deep, it must be close to 100" across. I don’t have an oven that big, but if you do, get this pan because you never see bakeware that will fit it for that kind of price.


Ha ha… Funny. Note that the bakeware is a 9 1/2" diameter (pause) deep dish. So it’s a “deep dish” that is 9 1/2 inches wide. But you know that already…


Can I buy different kinds without paying $5 on each one?


You bet. You only pay $5 shipping per day (ending at Midnight Central). You’ll pay $5 for the first item and the rest go free.

Happy eating!