Holiday Light Show Laser Projector, Motion

Why no shipping of this to APO addresses?

Y u no support our troops woot?

Man, I read this at first as “Sarcastic Holiday Light Show Laser Projectors,” and wow, did I want that product.

Same price as Target $29.99. Where is the sale?

Please confirm the voltage on this. Would help if this was indicated for all products for those of us buying from outside the US.

What is the wattage draw on these? Are these LED? If they’re 100W each, I don’t want them. Anybody know the wattage? Disappointed not to find that under “specs”.

Does it come with a stake to hold it down in the garden? How long is the cord that comes with it?

Walmart has it for this price too and free shipping.

Woot let us down this time. Bought it elsewhere for the same price, but with free shipping.

Do the Walmart and Target items have the motion feature?

To answer some questions:

It does have a ground stake
The cord is short, about 2 ft

Wattage: Green laser 1.3 watts, green laser with motion 1.5 watts,
green & red laser 1.7 watts,green & red with motion 1.9 watts. Not sure about just red.

Also has been noted in reviews that if you use the motion one, you have to turn the motion on every time it turns back on (Goes from light out to dark out), it does not remember your setting and defaults to static.

The price is the same but this is MOTION, Walmart and Target have the Motion for $39.99

Why would anyone want this tacky item that makes your house look like a 1980s disco?

Not the house, but this is an easy way to put lights up in trees.

Silly madjack99, you answered your own question!

You cannot specify a color when ordering. How do I make certain that I get my color choice? Are there just several settings for green or red/green combination?

They are lasers. 100W lasers would be blinding people and setting things on fire.

Laser output should be in milliwatts, and total consumption slightly more.

There are 4 settings. If you zoom in on the pic of the box, it lists the different settings at the bottom right. Additionally, they’re explained a little bit in Features.

“For long-term usage, we advise you to run it for less than 8 hours at a time and then rest for 30 minutes. Besides for what was just mentioned above the laser projector in general is safe…”

This does not instill much confidence in my mind regarding the safety of this product. DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN BALL!

Love these! My wife bought the motion ones last holiday for 49.99 in Walmart and besides taking away the thing I dread the most about holidays, we got so many compliments about how nice they look I would never go back to the regular string ones… plus the kids got a ton of use during karaoke night during the year. Gonna snag a few for my mom and in laws!