Holiday Light Show Laser Projector, Motion

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Holiday Light Show Laser Projector, Motion
Price: $28.49
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11/28/2016 - $28.49 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (4 comments)

Recommend not buying this…bought at the last woot-off…the features of this unit pale by comparison to the $29.99 version from Wal-Mart…
OK, the real disappointment is that if you decide on motion, it will re-set to static once power is taken away (by either light sensor or timer). And the light sensor is so sensitive that moving my hand over the unit to press the button to turn on the motion shuts off the unit…a vicious cycle ensues…

I bought one of these from Woot a couple of weeks ago…up and running.

Kids love it!

Sensor on it so it turns off when light is present. Recommend using a timer still if you have cats…lasers will find a way inside!

Gotta link? I’m curious to the other features…cuz I have this one.

These are the lazy person’s way of decorating your house for the holidays. Hey, it’s also safe since you don’t have to risk using a ladder to string some lights. Well, unless you’re by an airport. Imagine this; post your laser projector in your yard, misses the house and shoots up in the sky. Pilot of the 747 flying over your house get’s blinded by your errant laser hitting the window of their cockpit. Pilot freaks out, comes in too low and takes out your house and that of a 100 of your neighbors. Hey bud, thanks for such a great laser projector show! I really enjoyed. Time to notify next of kin!

The major disappointment with this model is the motion does not stay on if you kill the power to the unit (i.e. have it on a timer or unplug it). You have to manually turn on the motion each time.

The Starshower Motion is better (motion stays on), has light sensor (to automatically turn off when it’s light out and on when it gets dark), comes with the indoor base as well as the outdoor stake. Using it indoors is pretty cool. I point mine up at my 2 story foyer ceiling and the neighbors are jelly.

The other difference between these two models (I have both), the Startastic motion is very fast, while the Starshower motion is probably half the speed. I prefer the slower speed.

I actually purchased these in the October Woot-Off and we turned them on for the first time the day after Thanksgiving. We have had them on every night since and I’m sad to say that on Saturday they decided not to turn on anymore :(. I am working on the Woot Warranty with them, but I really wanted these to last longer.

I would agree that these are lower quality than the original. My red light does not work (never has) and turning on the motion each night is not very convenient. I would pass…

I like them for the price, but the motion not coming on automatically is a bummer. Also, I have one close to my driveway, and the light from my headlights shuts it off. So I have to turn the motion back on again every time someone comes home.

That escalated quickly

Add me to the list of “very annoyed you have to push the movement button every time it turns off” list. It’s so simple for the manufacture to fix too. On off toggle switch instead of a push button. What were they thinking. Hopefully it cost them enough sales they get it right next time