Holiday Light Show Laser Projector, Static

How is this a deal? Wal-mart sells these at the same price.

I purchased one of these a few weeks ago for this year’s holiday lighting. It’s ok, but had a few details that didn’t work for me. The cord is extremely short - about one foot long. It also ends in a “wall wart”, which wouldn’t fit into the timer outlet that I needed it to. It also forgets the “motion” setting when the power goes off, so it resets to “no motion” every day when the timer for my holiday lights toggles it off. It’s also isn’t as bright as I’d like. Overall, not terrible but not that impressive for me.

are you sure? every wallmart I’ve been in has them at $40 still?

These can be had cheaper. Not same brand but just as good and IMO, better features.
I got for for 79.96 + free shipping. They have long cords and perform 8 functions, timer, auto on/off, etc… Looks like Target sells some too for 20 bucks if you only need a couple. The ones that move seems to be priced well here on Woot.

Just a FYI… If you live in a flight pattern of a MAJOR or MILITARY airport, please try not to point these things at the moon. Even though they are defused laser, they still project for great distances so be forewarned and not surprised if guys from the FAA come knocking.

I bought this and it worked great for four nights, and then just stopped working. Don’t waste your money.