Holiday Seating: We All Need Extra Chairs

Because when I think of extra seating for the holidays, I think of chairs costing $100+ each. Definitely not inexpensive folding chairs (which, coincidently, arrived in the mail last week).

In all seriousness, though, anyone have any experience with these brands in terms of quality/durability? Could use accent Chairs for my formal living room.

200 lb weight test? Not for 'mericans.

Nice chairs. But I feel even better about the beautiful, wood, padded, upholstered, high-backed dining chairs I bought for $25 each from a castle that was changing out its seating. They are just beautiful.

Just curious re: those “occasional” chairs… um, what are they the rest of the time? Ac-tors? Food Service Industry Workers?

A castle?

“Polyester rubber wood” [?]

Interested in 4 of these but is there a limit of 3? Safavieh MCR4502G Becca Leather Chair - Clay If there’s a limit, Overstock has them $3 cheaper each with no shipping. I don’t plug other companies but apparently both W000T and O are in competition on some of these chairs. We can’t buy 3 for a gaming table, need 4 at the minimum.

Overstock has them with reviews. I knew I had seen most of these before.

Good suggestion. All single chair sales have been changed to a buy limit of 4. Hope that helps. Now, go buy… 4.

Yes, a castle. If you visit the restaurant page, you will see them in their original habitat. They go wonderfully with my farmhouse table. My dad was blown away that they did not come as a set with the table.

Craigslist: for when you’re not Wooting. :slight_smile:

Thanks TT. We bought 4 Safavieh MCR4515B Amanda Leather Chair - Cream . They were $189.99 on Overstock but we don’t like dealing with them.