Holiday Snapware Storage



sniffle That was a sweet, emotional write up about the holiday snapware storage! Now, I need to buy 1 or 2!




Merry Christmas, Lovebugs!


I bought two of the storage containers on clearance at the end of last holiday season; I felt so organized after randomly throwing ornaments into the container willy-nilly. (Seriously.) Only negative is that the boxes aren’t deep enough for standard-sized “ball” ornaments.


They are not deep enough for ornaments and don’t have dividers anyway. What are they good for then? Cookies?


I purchased a couple of these ribbon holders last Woot-off. The bottom half of the box will not stay on – when you pick up the box by the handle, the bottom piece falls off. The little plastic tabs that hold the bottom box on are poorly-designed. All you can do is tape the bottom on which is annoying.


I had the same experience except I bought 3. I would avoid this containers.


These are much smaller than you think they are. Be sure to read the specifications before you buy.


The Snap and Store boxes are great for Skylanders if you have those little collector/gamers in your family.


seems expensive for basically little plastic bins that I can just buy off walmart at regular price. enlightment me please.


Daww, you monkeys made me cry. Great write-up!

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I kept waiting for the twist ending. Maybe it will come next year, when the child turns out the be zombie spawn or something.


Isn’t being born to (and mothered by) Lesley enough?



My husband got me a couple of these for Christmas and I love them! I had the same problem you do with the accessory compartment, but I just switched it to be the top box (which doesn’t make any difference to me for storage) and I haven’t had a single problem. I’m not sure why it works better that way but it does. Good luck with yours!


That is an excellent suggestion and I’ll have to try it. Thanks!