I think that all employers should observe 20DEC to 4JAN as a holiday. In the past 10 years I have noticed that people do not really give 100% at work during this time of the year. Their minds are off thinking about friends and family. Here at work, I would say production is about one third of what it could be. Most of the upper management is taking vacation and lower management comes in late and leaves early. Well it is almost 9:30 AM, time to call it a day. :wink:


But they’d make it without pay!


Being a mere employee, I was thinking the same thing.


Well, perhaps he has a point, as the majority of the community who celebrate or hold dear to those judeo christian values, translated into modern versions or not, will probably fall into that exact category. However for the non-silent portion who do not have, or celebrate these values, they have problems and needs despite the “gotta work at christmas time blues”. Although perhaps his “point” is most proven by the fact that this post was written while clocked in, at my workplace, and so what his post, more than likely, as he said “here at work”.