Holly's Hill Vineyard Grenache - 2+2 Pack

Holly’s Hill Vineyard Grenache - 2+2 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
2 2009 El Dorado Petit Patriarche
2 2009 El Dorado Grenache Noir
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A wine.woot only woot off. Interesting.

And the labrats for the other wineries are supposed to do what exactly? Sit on wine.woot all day?

I would have never imagined such a thing. F5ing for a new aerator!

It’s a wine-off! Or in some cases, a whine-off…


Lab Rat at last! We love Rhones (GSMs and Petite Syrahs, mostly), so this was a pleasant surprise (got the Petit Patriarche)

Mild musty earth nose.

Has a bit of a sting at first—almost like carbonation, but not unpleasant.

Once past the odd nose and sharp start, however, the flavors are great. Super chewy with strong red fruit—I thought it was like strawberry preserves, Mrs. Doctorclark tasted cherry and vanilla. Tastes great on its own, or with food.

Finishes are what I find most interesting in wines, and although this one has a nicer length finish, it is more alcohol flavored than the 14.3% would lead me to believe (maybe this is the acidity?).

After trying and taking notes, I did some homework and am now eager to try a single varietal Counoise, as that is where I think I picked up the strawberries from. It would be cool if some crazy vintner somewhere made a Counoise-Sangiovese blend…

They did this for Tempranillo day a few months back. I’m suspecting all the offerings will be Grenache today and maybe tomorrow as well.

My only disappointment is no cool Woot Grenache Day graphic like we had on Temp day.

Hi all, Josh from Holly’s Hill here. Ready to answer any questions unless I fall asleep after five days of bottling and one more tomor

Cesar already got 'em…

Did you fall asleep mid sentence? :slight_smile:

Ha! Good night/morrow, Josh. Thanks for visiting.

I just emailed that same question.

Oh no… And just a few days after I discovered my affection for the Grenache (particularly the Rhones).

Fare thee well, fall bonus check. I hardly knew ye…

Not Josh here, but Larry Schaffer from tercero wines . . . and a member of the Rhone Ranger Board of Directors. We’re psyched to be taking part in an International Grenache Day Woot Off celebrating a great varietal, and hope wooters will be on board for a long and fun ride today!

The wines Josh makes are beautifully elegant - you will NOT be disappointed whatsoever . . .


Hi Larry, I tasted one of your wines (I was lab ratted that bottle), any idea when you are going to be up on woot, so I can make sure to post my review?

Two questions, doctor C–1) which of the two did you lab rat? and 2) whenever I hear “vanilla” I start to turn off on a wine, especially at this reasonable but a bit high price point for something completely foreign. How prominent is that vanilla flavor?

And if you had it (or anyone else who has had both), how does this compare the the Meeker forklift from a few weeks back? I was surprised how much I loved that one…

Sure on Grenache Day you have a Grenache-Off…on Cabernet day all we got was a crappy battery powered corkscrew.

I think Woot just assumes we’re doing that anyways.

I always thought the like a good wine and cheese, woot-offs and wine-offs went together… my bad XD