Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater




“Let’s find somewhere we can plug in that heater until the world figures out how much it needs us.”


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At Amazon the price is $45.70 and rated four and a half stars.

Is anyone else concerned about the the unit is too hot to be touched?


—Ehh. All electric heaters are too hot to be touched. It’s the trade-off for generating heat electrically. Otherwise it would just be a fan.


Can any owners chime in about noise? How loud are these things on full blast?


Most of the peeps over at Amazon mention it’s pretty quiet.


woot wrote:
“And soon, all that was left of them were a pair of headlights in the distance.”

headlights in the distance? they were driving backwards??


“Warning – Heater is hot when in use.”

Gee, I’d hope so…


I don’t see it priced at $47.50 on Amazon. I see it at prices ranging from $34.50 to $70.00.


Doesn’t mention how large a space it will heat.


I guess my concern is less “too hot to be touched” and more so “is this going to be a fire hazard at work”?

Does anyone have anything they can recommend for office use? Preferably small? Or is this the sort of thing that I would be looking for?


Not this exact model but have (and still) use Holmes ceramic heaters for many years. Other than oil filled radiators are about the safest for pets and small children as the electric coils are inside ceramic plates which are then totally enclosed inside the case with a fan blowing the heat out of the front grate. It is uncomfortable to touch the front but not near hot enough to raise blisters. In fact my Shihtzu will lay almost touching it and never a burnt or singed hair and she has long hair.
When tipped over they shut off automatically (or my models do, didnt check these specs yet) and mine has a freeze protection setting which keeps the laundry at about 50-55° F. Also by my experience this is a reasonable price but you may want to get multiples as each is only good for one room.


My husband has hinted at needing something to warm him up while he works on cars in the garage (which has no heating or cooling).

Will this do the job?


A bottle of decent whiskey or scotch or bourbon would be better.


$40 w/ shipping at this site



Business Description: Introduced in 1982, Holmes® products have been offering the best home comfort solutions to consumers for over 25 years! Value, Innovation, Quality—are built into every Holmes® product. Holmes® Air Purifiers, Fans, Heaters and Humidifiers offer value—great products at great prices! Innovation is the key to success! Holmes® products continue to lead the home comfort industry and offer 1Touch®, AccuSet™, AccuTemp™, FilterCheck®, and Harmony® Technologies. Safety technologies like tip-over protection, Cool Touch™ plastics, and auto safety shutt off are also available on Holmes® Products. Holmes® products quality is tested using the Six Sigma standard—which is the highest standard of quality. It’s a closely controlled process that helps develop and manufacture nearly-flawless products. This standard allows for no more than 3.4 defects per million. The Holmes® Brand’s commitment to excellence is clear!

Official Website: http://www.holmesproducts.com/

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The Holmes website actually have these retail at $40 w/ free shipping. Their main website also has them listed as OUT OF STOCK. That means they might be discontinuing this item for some reason. Holmes ® Twin Ceramic Heater MODEL: HCH4266-U-006 Twin Ceramic heater with comfort control thermostat lets you set the heat to the level that is just what you want. Low profile footprint helps save space, yet large grill area allows for maximum heating capacity.

Product Features: Easy to adjust manual controls will help maintain ideal comfort level Heat or fan only setting for year round continuous use Built in safety features for added peace of mind

Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater

Product manual


Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater

I have one and it is pretty quiet. The thing kicks out heat pretty well too.


We have a Vornado like this:

and it doesn’t get hot to the touch. I like that much better with little kids underfoot, and the heating is great!

Oh - and woot has these sometimes too, for around $40-50. Need to get one next time it’s up.


I have hinted something very similar to my wife, and I must say I would have been very disappointed with a ceramic heater. He may be looking more for some body heat.