Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater

What’s the electricity usage on this like?

Heater is hot when in use?

Well that does it, I can’t have things like this in the house, someone might burn themselves!

These are great for when you get the chili willies and you just want to warm up the room you’re in quickly.

If you have to ask, you cannot afford it. (The specs say it’s 1500 watts, so that’s roughly 20 cents per hour, except for So. California, where you don’t need a heater)

Do you have this? I’m thinking about buying one so I’d like to know how well they work.

Buy.com: $49.99 and free shipping. N41.

I thought you were exaggerating for effect, but nope, your costs are correct (I plugged the numbers into Excel). For $.16 per kilowatt, it comes to 24 cents per hour.

It’s only good for a very small area…wouldn’t really do anything more than 5 feet away.

My wife has one of this at work - it works great. Exactly what I need for my job. First time I buy anything from woot.

Bought one for my girlfriend for her birthday and it works great. I keep the house pretty cool so she’s able to use this and point it towards here when we’re downstairs watching tv or in the bathroom when she’s getting ready. She’s really liked it so far. I was sick a few weeks and I aimed it under the blanket while I was in the recliner and that was awesome. It’s so hard to get warm when your sick. All in all. Definately worth it.

Can anyone give an idea as to how much noise this makes when running?

Great little heater! Nice auto-adjust feature to keep temperature fairly even. Very quiet, small, and efficient. Highly recommend it.

Hey, they could enclose this in an “Amish” wooden box, and sell it for ten times the price.

Can it be used outside in a 3-car garage as a warming unit for my dog?

Lots of comments from fellow wooters for this, back when it was sold on home.woot this past January


If you aim it towards him and he’s within a few feet.

FYI–just noticed it says you’re not supposed to use it in the bathroom…

Don’t report me to the heater police, because I use mine in the bathroom-- the coldest room in the house where one most needs warmth. It works great to warm up the room just for during showers, or to warm up the commode if setting the heater behind/under it. Just keep it dry and all is well. Tiny thing but fast at warming up your space!

Yes. It would probably struggle to warm up that big of space, but it’s something your dog could be very comfortable in front of or near to.