Holster Up! Drink Holsters

I typically only drink beer out of cans. Does anyone know if this will hold a can?

From their website, the product page shows that cans and bottles fit in pretty much every style. It’s safe to assume it’ll work for anything other than a Foster’s.

It would sure make a game of horseshoes easier…

I worry about it sloshing around as you walk…

Yeah, I don’t think it’s meant for doing a lot of moving about. If the bottle is unopened, it’ll get all pressurized, if it’s open (and full) it’ll spill on your leg for sure. It’s more for when you need both hands for a moment and you don’t want to go set your beer down. Like at a BBQ when you’re going through the food line or perhaps at the urinal at a sporting event. The LAST thing you want to do is set your beer down and forget it!

You need to drink faster.

Finally, a useful and sensible product from WOOT.

Too bad there’s not a side shot-holder for them. A nice microbrew and a shot of good scotch is nice to have handy.

now I have to worry about getting shot while taking a shot? no thanks

The only way I see this working out is for holding beer #2 while I drink beer #1.

Crap. What if I am a #2 dad?

Do better? Or just buy two #1 Dad holsters. 1+1=2, right?

But, first is the worst, SECOND is the best, third is the turd in the birdie’s nest. Do you really want to be #1? It’s not like you’re #3. :slight_smile:

These look like bedroom slippers converted to drink holders…

Perfect for the boat when you need to set the hook and bring in that Mako…

Would be great for Horseshoes, Corn Hole or any other game where you have a good reason to stand still and drink beer.

Just what we all need. The ability to get a WWI (Walking while intoxicated)

This is a gag gift, right? People don’t ACTUALLY use these, do they?

Of course nobody wears these. They’re just given at white elephant exchanges…right?

This item is the culmination of every “You might be a redneck…” joke ever written.
The black leather one caught my eye 'cuase, you know, for special occasions, right? And why is this listed in Woot Sport!?

Why do the sales stats show selling 2 as the quantity that was purchased least? To truly own any showdowns, everyone should have 2 holsters.

What? No “Classy Lassy” one for the ladies?

Does the belt loop unsnap so I can use this on my steering wheel?