Holster Up! Drink Holsters

The “#1 Dad” thing strikes me as really strange. If my father was such a beer swilling drunk that he would find a bottle holster useful, I would be extraordinarily unlikely to buy one for him.

Good grief, lighten up. I guess you never considered that an occasional beer drinker would want something like this. Perhaps you’ve never know a serious drinker - they have little use for stuff like this.

Um, no…I don’t know of any drinkers, occasional or otherwise, that would even consider owning and wearing one of these things.

I would have to agree. I love my beer, although I’m taking a hiatus to try and lose weight and these things are tacky beyond belief. right down to the string you tie around your leg.

I think you all are missing the point.

please enlighten us.

Is the real point that these are a sport item?

maybe they’re a sports accessory? not many sports you could use them in though. and you would have to have a broad idea of what a sport is.

In-laws got me one of these for my birthday a few years bag. Its a fun party gag, it gets a lot of laughs, but pretty much entirely useless. Only time you can actually put a beer in there is when you are stationary standing at the grill. If you are moving around at all, most of your beer will end up down your leg. Even with a closed bottle, half of the beer will end up on you when it explodes when you open it.

Auto racing. This would be handy in auto racing. Auto racing is a sport, right? I mean, you sit in a car and drive in circles (ovals, ellipses, etc.) That qualifies. So, yeah. If I were an auto racer, I could see how this would be handy.