I do like the Halo.

Holy nice!

Pffff. Fish don’t have souls.

Sole has soul. Holy Mackerel!

So punny!

I love you shirtwoot! You know why.

Edit: Can’t decide if the ‘o’ looks like an eye or an olive, but now I’ve seen the hidden PacMan so that’ll be an interesting nightmare.

I think it woulda worked if the fish was speared as well, it would just be a different kind of holy.

Holy mackerel that’s a nice shirt!

Reminds me of a certain character from a certain 90’s kids cartoon…

They do have soles and they pray to Cod. At least that’s what the angelfish and monk fish tell us.

Oooohh-- superawesomefunland- can we get a Holy Guacamole sequel?

Nice shirt, but artist has apparently never actually seen a mackerel.

Wish I could buy 7 so I could wear a clean one every day of the week!

I’m glad you like to wear clean shirts everyday. This shirt is pretty versatile, so you’d always be ready with the appropriate response! :smiley:

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