Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone (Your Choice - Color)

At first glance it seemed that this had no reviews, but if you select a color you will see that it has LOTS.

From Amazon, it gets 4.5 stars with over 1300 reviews.

From Droneybee.com, they do an in-depth review.

Both indicate that this is a good deal, though with only one battery and a 60-minute recharge time, you’d need to buy extras ($25 for 4) to have any real play-time with this device, as it gets a fairly skimpy 7-9 minutes per charge.

Range is usable but not great - 50-100m for control, 50m for FPV video. Flying around your house should be no problem.

For all of the features this thing has, this is a pretty impressive value in my opinion. I own a bunch of micro and mini drones and a few bigger, more professional aerial imaging platform quads, and this stacks up well in comparison of $ and features. I would not expect DJI quality video but for a toy, this could be fun. Might grab one.

I sure hope it is a better deal than–


I bought two of those Parrots I cannot control them. Not sure what to do with them.

I’ll buy the grandson this Holy Stone but this will be the last if this also is a mess.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem.

You have a 90 day Holy Stone warranty. You might contact them. There could be a simple fix.

Otherwise, feel free to contact woot customer service.

Update to Holy Stone warranty

what’s the contact number for Parrot, I have two that you cannot control with the smart phone. So far four of us have tried it with Android phones each of us found the drone to be uncontrollable.

Sorry, I got the name wrong. These are warrantied by Holy Stone.


Well, I ended up buying one of these. It showed up really fast for a Woot! deal. Thanks.

Here are my thoughts:

The battery is hard to remove, and with the equipment provided you need to leave it installed and use the included USB cable to charge it. I have ordered a 4-pack of batteries with adapters to charge them from the mothership - it’ll make this more fun to play with.

The quad only takes off using the one-button takeoff function. Can’t just lift off using the throttle. Not a huge deal, but it limits choices for experienced pilots.

The one-button land is also the only way to get the props to shut off. Again, it works, but I like to kill the props myself.

The battery seemed to easily last the specified 7-9 minutes, so that was great.

The quad maintains altitude quite well at low, medium and high (50’ or so) in my test flight.

The trim functions are ineffective to get this thing to stay still - you need to constantly fly it to get it to stay put.

I only flew it in the lowest and second-lowest speed (reactivity) settings, and these were reasonable.

Headless mode is somewhat less effective than other headless quads I have flown, but it is easy to turn on and off, and once off, you can fly this quad as you want.

The camera is decent and the wi-fi link to your phone is very clean and effective. If you have an older phone that you have retired, this is a good use for it so long as you can still access Play Store to download the free app. I have not played around with the app too much but the FPV video is decent and cleanly transmitted to my semi-retired Samsung S5.

Speaking of the camera, the controller and the app can control recording to the included 4G micro-SD card plugged into the back of the camera. Recording to the phone is not an option from what I can tell. You can use the phone to control the quad with on-screen joysticks and buttons, apparently but I have not tried that yet. Seems reasonably full-featured.

Am I happy with my $60 toy? Yes.

Far bettter than that refurb’d Parrot garbage I bought, I can actualy control this Holy Stone!

So far, the only who hates it is the dog…