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The Jamo subwoofers are very good for the money. I think they are geared more towards movies than music as they have a bit of bass boost around 30-35hz but if you have a way to tame that a bit, you can get good quality bass for a music system, as well. Even with the boost, it’s only really noticeable with bass that goes deeper than typical music.

The features are nice for doing a distributed bass system easily even if you only have a single subwoofer output on your receiver.

Amazing deal for the Denon AVR-1513 bundle! Wish I had a bare TV just to jump on it

Home Audio ? Where are the turntables ?

amantel, based on the sales stats it looks like there were only 2, and thus they went pretty fast.

I just bought the Onkyo system!
Going to pair it with another Woot deal from the archive:

I bought the BA TVee 26 last month and have been very happy. It upgraded the sound on my 46" Samsung LED TV dramatically, especially when listening to Pandora or other music. It was packaged well and appeared to be brand new. Not sure it’s worth $250 (new on the mothership), but for $120, it’s a great buy.

Recently purchased the Yamaha RX-V375 (newer model of the v371 which is comparable to the 471, look on Amazon for the comparison charts of the RX-V371, RX-V373, RX-V375.) Anyways, I would recommend the RX-V375 or the 373 for a longer warranty and comparable specs for only a few bucks more. I’m sure the 471 is great machine too.

And if anyone is wondering the YPAO helps so much with setting it up out of the box.

This came up at a good time, since I fried my Onkyo 7.1 receiver a few weeks ago. The Sony will replace it nicely. I wish the price were a little better, though… it’s $220 on regular Amazon. Not much of a break through Woot.

Any thoughts on ripping the amplifier guts out of the AudioSource S325 and turning it into a decent center channel? I figure I can bypass any sort of amplification circuit and wire up the woofers and tweeters directly to my center channel. I’m looking for something a little larger than the Klipsch Synergy

The AudioSource may be a longer physical package, but it has smaller drivers, and I doubt they have good power handling (it claims 20w per speaker, but it doesn’t say that’s RMS, so it’s probably peak).

I doubt the quality of the drivers or the tuning of the enclosure will be anything like the Klipsch, and you’ll certainly have less low(er) end.

Are Pioneer receivers rated for 110/220 volt or just 110?

these are rated for 110 only, I have a SC-27 that I use over seas on a transformer, I wish they were dual voltage but 110 only, the 220 version has a different model number( you can tell which is which by comparing the specs with the ones on the UK site)