Home Away from Home



Did you “go away” to school and live in the dorms? Tell us about it, or feel free to join in our bad roommate thread! (If Facebook isn’t your thing or you fear them finding out because you still have to put up with the shenanigans, feel free to post your tale below!)


Are these the same beds that were listed a few days ago? The picture is different, looks like this one has an additional pad on the top.


anyone used the toaster? Seems like the reviews I have found are for the slightly older (or maybe it is a newer) model and nearly all of them indicate uneven toasting.


Toaster: Anyone know if the toaster works with Poptarts?


Is 28 inches too tall for a bedroom lamp? i am trying to redecorate and my prototype template of 2 8x11 sheets of paper (22 inches) seems way too tall.